i didn't see it. but we shouldn't complain about ages. after all tara was (grandfathered in by being too young). all the youngsters we have. we just take it for granted their that age . but do we really know especially for other countries outside us, maybe even canada. just fudging by a few months makes a difference in whether the athelete is elligible or not. figures skating by 1st of july, who knows back in the past--they wasn't officially age elligible so they fudge by a few months to make them elligible. only we didn't know it. they didn't cover it. i find it interesting nytimes did it about Chinese(asian) and no other country. maybe the others covered it better that is all. i find it interesting that it is okay for the US to cheat but not other countries. well that is the ny times and us for you. do as we say not as we do. US will do whatever it takes to win -even cheat. you end justifies means.
also with all the supposed injuries the us girls have, they can be (juiced) take coritizone shots and be legitate to help the chances at gold for a team medal.
it is okay as long as the federation, ioc, head of gymastics knows about it ahead of time. so let the Cheating begins.