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Thread: Miss fs, what do you do?

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    Miss fs, what do you do?

    I'm in a down period now, I really miss figure skating. Especially Worlds 5 months ago. It was the week of my life. The atmosphere, the audience, the thrilling competitions, meeting new friends, meeting&chatting with my favourite skaters. It was such a golden moment I'll remember the rest of my life.
    But now I'm so sad missing all this :( And it's summer=no skating. I really long for next season to start.
    I listen to my iPod-playlist with songs only from Worlds (The last song is ABBA - 'The winner takes it all', doesn't make me much happier....), making banners&avatars to use on other forums, starting fs threads on other-subject forums to try to make people love and discuss fs. My 5000 photos from the week need to be sorted as well and I'm going to frame my big 'official Worlds Kristoffer'-poster and put the signed photos and tickets there as well. This will hopefully ease my pain and make the time until Oct run faster.

    What do you do when you miss a certain event or just fs in general during low season?

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    I certainly feel your pain. I used to (when I figure skated) drop into a summer fs skating school session or two. Now that I don't skate it's much tougher to fill the void. I look at my tapes and keep in touch here to find out what is coming up for the new season. Also Youtube is great to watch your favorite skaters or revisit the ones who have moved on.

    It won't be long until skating season starts!!

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    well, I have a summer job that keeps me busy...

    other than that I just obsess over other things in my life... right now that includes a trip to WDW (which this trip is costing me WAY LESS Than the same time period for US Nationals did this last year. which I find something wrong with that)

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    I play back my favorite skating tapes/DVDs and watch skating videos on youtube to get through the "off season.".

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    I make it a point to attend a summer competition. This year I went to Liberty in Pennsylvania and had a great time.

    If you like ice dancing, the Lake Placid competition is great!!!!!

    Other summer competitions are Golden West, Detroit, Moran in NJ, the Indy Pairs challenge, Cranberry Open and lots more.

    If you're in Canada, they have Thornhill and Quebec and BC summer competitions.

    But cheer up! In 3 days, the Junior Grand Prix starts.

    A good thing to do is to go to fsvids and download the whole of a competition from the past. You don't even need to be a full member as the competitions before 2006 are in the public parts of the forum. You do have to register. Scroll down on the front page to register.

    There are also summer shows.

    Evening With Champions in Boston is coming up and will be great. There is a series of shows in Sun Valley. There are many other shows around the country.

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    I'm going to the Skate for Hope event in Columbus next weekend!!!

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