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Thread: Indy Pairs Challenge 2008 (Aug. 8-10)

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    Indy Pairs Challenge 2008 (Aug. 8-10)

    Keauna McLaughlin/Rockne Brubaker debuted their new FS to "West Side Story" (choreographed by Lea Ann Miller) at the Indy Pairs Challenge club competition earlier this month. There are two versions on youtube -- this one is filmed from the stands and through the netting on that side of the rink:

    Here's the other version of McLaughlin/Brubaker's FS, combined with Amanda Evora/Mark Ladwig's FS (filmed mostly below the netting; link originally posted on the ISU board):

    Senior Pairs SP home videos:

    Another video (10:30 in length), link originally on the ISU board -- it includes part of the Senior Pairs SP warmup and the short programs of McLaughlin/Brubaker (1st), Brooke Castile/Ben Okolski (3rd), and Evora/Ladwig (2nd):

    Another video of McLaughlin/Brubaker's SP:

    Another video of Castile/Okolski's SP:

    Caitlin Yankowskas/John Coughlin (4th):

    Caydee Denney/Jeremy Barrett (5th):
    (Denney/Barrett first skated together in 2006 and have just reteamed this summer.)

    MeeRan Trombley/Laureano Ibarra (8th):

    Jessica Rose Paetsch/Drew Meekins (10th; skating starts at 1:45):
    Paetsch/Meekins, pt. 2 (restart after Meekins had to fix a loose boot strap; skating begins at 1:15):
    (Paetsch/Meekins had just teamed up a few weeks before this competition.)

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    Senior Pairs FS article:

    Link to results, event articles, photo galleries, etc.:

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    Nice programs here. I really enjoyed M/B, that's going to be an awesome free skate. Also really liked Evora/Ladwig's skate, they have some terrific lifts. Tough act to follow from Shen/Zhao's version of this beautiful music but they did a good job. Can't wait to see how both of these programs improve.

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    Yankowskas/Coughlin, a surprise for me. They were quite lovely.

    Paetsch/Meekins, they each had a diferent partner but they found each other after splitsville. No judgement this season.

    Trombley/Ibarra - Always nice and for this early in the season, very nice.

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    I love Brooke and Ben's skating...

    thanks for the vids, when I get the time I'm gonna sit and watch everyone

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