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Thread: Mirai Nagasu: Simply Mirai-culous

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    News Mirai Nagasu: Simply Mirai-culous

    Mirai Nagasu, who turned 15 in April, surprised the nation again this year when she defeated the favorites, 2006 World champion Kimmie Meissner and 2007 Junior World champion Caroline Zhang, to win the U.S. senior ladies gold medal. [More]

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    Thanks for the link. Mirai sound ready for the new season. I can't wait to see this talented young lady's programs
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    I love all the details that Barry Mittan is able to get in his interviews.

    Beautiful picture, too.

    So, will Mirai be THE ONE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsk8 View Post
    "Mirai can add a triple toe or a triple loop to every triple she does," Wong continued. "Anything that she masters in practice, she wants to put in a program the next time. She also likes to watch and learn from other skaters - especially those that skate with precision. It inspires her."[/B][/URL]]
    Thanks for the link. She is truly challenging and her attitude is simply "Mirai-culous", isn't it?

    Quote Originally Posted by gsk8 View Post
    She trains on ice for two hours a day, six days a week plus a few hours of off ice work.
    Isn't 2 hours/day on ice training too short as a top-skater?
    I wonder if she has a dificulty to juggle the training with her academic work.

    I know it depends, but how many hours a day do elite skaters practice on/off ice in general?

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    Mirai-culous? That's the corniest name pun I've ever heard! Poor girl, I'm going to be snickering every time I hear her name announced!

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