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Thread: Happy, healthy Kim hopes for big season

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    Quote Originally Posted by A for Axel View Post
    Again, I have to say sorry for you guys that I turn this thread into this topic for a while. I didn't mean it actualy but I shouldn't have said this kind of thing as common said above.

    Please understand that I just couldn't tolerate some people laughed at some skaters by saying they are cheat jumpers or underrotaters or that sort of thing.
    This is what I want to say the most.

    Yes, I watched this on TV. That's why I thought it's press interview.

    I feel the same thing for him, Okami. And I'm not sure this is good for Yu-Na..

    Actually TAT wasn't somebody's coach then. She just stayed there as a commentator, didn't she? And I remenber she often said "wonderful!" while she was watching Yu-Na's long program.

    I actually took her comments as Medusa did. So I don't think her comment is similar to Orser's.
    BTW, I love your Dream Podium illustration. It's cool.

    Thank you Love_Skate for leading me to this topic again.
    Yes, I really hope everything goes well for Yu-Na this season.
    I remember Brian Orser's comment was only reported in ONE newspaper in South Korea. I'm sure Orser did not talk like that in a press interview. That's why a lot of fans have not heard about his comment.

    Plus, the article reads that the reporter asked Orser about Mao watching her warm-up, which means the context of the dialogue seemed very casual and private. More importantly I'm not sure whether Orser's comment was about her practice itself at the time or her general choreograph execution. Maybe it might be Orser's perspective on Mao's strength and weakness, but It did NOT sound there was any intention of publicly laughing at a skater.

    I don't think it's fair for a legendary skater to exaggerate just one line of an article and dishonor him. I think Orser is not just a legendary skater but also a great guy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by A for Axel View Post
    Yes, I watched this on TV. That's why I thought it's press interview.
    Did you watch it on TV? Would you tell me what TV it was? If the clip is available at the web, would you let me know the link to it?
    I found only a Korean article quoting the line from my search, which I believe is the one Common and szidon is referring to. That’s why I am with them in that the line is quoted from a very casual talk by a reporter who happened to watch her run-through with him.
    I imagine the reporter asked him about how he saw her condition and skating that day and he was expressing his feeling on her practice session. He said, “Her jumps looked very good. I felt today she was somewhat not in harmony with the music, though.”
    Ya… I don't feel his remark is that offensive.
    Actually, we don’t know what he exactly said word by word (probably he also might not recall. ^^) because the article is written in Korean and he must have spoken it in English.
    If you show me the video clip, it would tell what happened more precisely. Until then (and even when something unlikely is true), I will be very careful to speak something bad of a renowned skater and coach.

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    Go Yuna!!

    Yuna, be happy and healthy this season.

    Surely, all of your fans love You and Brian!!

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    i just hope she skates happy..

    Quote Originally Posted by so_proud View Post
    Yuna, be happy and healthy this season.

    Surely, all of your fans love You and Brian!!
    i don't think u guys noticed, but her smiles get brighter and brighter after she trained in canada..
    T axel can be highlight of figure,, but not all, 3-3 can be highlight , but not all.
    the important thing is she is beatiful out there at the rink , and also she is happy.
    i hope to see her soon,

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