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Thread: Parker Pennington coach change

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    Parker Pennington coach change

    Parker Pennington has changed back to Carol Heiss-Jenkins. He trained with Carol before and has made several changes over the last 4 years. He is now back with Carol in Cleveland and planning on attending Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea.

    Here is info from his website:

    I wish Parker the best. I believe his father has muscular dystrophy and Parker did a show to benefit the research. Hope this change helps him.


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    Carol may get him consistent in his jumping. He always has possibilities but he tends the collapse when the heats on. His performance has improved over the years and I hope he has a good choreographer.

    all the best to him in skating and school.

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    Okay. I guess there is nobody left in the skating world who has not changed coaches this off-season!

    I am surprised that she is still taking students. Does she have any other elite skaters after Miki left?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinymavy15 View Post
    Does she have any other elite skaters after Miki left?
    She's got Jr ladies Elisabeth Mcdonald and (probably) Juvenile Alex Vargo. Neither is 'elite' though.

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    I have always been a big Parker fan. So, I hope him going back to Winterhurst helps him.

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    Going back home always helps a person. I hope Parker can brake out of the middle of nats clump and do what we have always thought he would.

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    Here's to hoping that a little "9th inning" star dust comes Parker's way. Part of this headline brings to mind the story line of Rudy Galindo... just before what seemed his "final" or "just one more time" nationals in San Diego in 1996.... Skating before a home crowd, with nothing to lose, he put out the performance of his career. And while winning was the ecstasy above all that made this an all time amazing and memorable moment, I think sport is full of the chance for "moments".. .which can encapsulate the heart of all the years of effort and labor of love that went into a career. Here's to hoping Parker has the skate that means the most to HIM.... at Nationals before an adoring hometown crowd in Cleveland.... win, lose or draw.

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