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Thread: Closest Men's Competitions

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    Closest Men's Competitions

    I wanted to see what you guys thought about this one. What was the closest men's competition Olympic and World wise? I thought Calgary was close, but Boitano was brilliant and error-free. The Lillehammer battle between the relative newcomers, Stojko and Urmanov really was closer in my mind. I would have given it to Stojko! Anyway, if you guys think of anymore that were close in your mind, lets discuss them.

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    Re: Closest Men's Competitions

    Although, I went with the "battle of the Brians" in 88, I also agree with you about Elvis and Urmanov. Elvis was robbed!! He clearly outskated Urmanov - this one we can blame on the judges.


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    Re: Closest Men's Competitions

    <span style="colorurple;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:small;">I voted for '92, but now that I think about it, that's not really true. Wylie was the shining star that night and he simply was robbed! (I almost never say that.)</span>

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    Princess Leppard 625

    Re: Closest Men's Competitions

    <span style="colorurple;font-family:georgia;font-size:x-small;">I voted for 88. I would've hated to have been a judge.

    Although I love Russian skaters, Urmanov has never been one of my favorites. But I thought he deserved his gold medal, Elvis at that point still didn't quite have the artistry (well, he still doesn't, but I like what he's got now...maybe flair is a better word?), so I must go with Alexei U. Wasn't that year a splat fest, though?

    Laura </span>

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    Re: Closest Men's Competitions

    I Always question why Elvis was robbed?
    If my memory serves me correctly...Elvis landed 7 triples and Alexei Urmanov landed 8? and Alexei had better presentation?

    3Axel/2Toe (by far the best 3Axels in the competition)
    3Flip (was rather ugly and forced but clean)
    3Salchow half loop combo 3Toe

    1Axel (obvious mistake)

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    Re: Closest Men's Competitions

    Some people think that a single Axel is a mistake, but that is wrong. In a LP all it means is that the person has performed a single Axel. It's not like the SP where it's a deduction. Urmanov clearly had a mistake on his 3flip. Even if it can be called clean it still took away from the program and should have meant that the presentation mark lowered. I think that both skaters landed the same number of triples.

    Elvis had a 3/3 combo, skated with much more authority than Urmanov, and his 3Axels didn't come to a stop like Urmanov's did. (Although Urmanov's were landed with a straighter back)

    There are arguments for either Stojko or Urmanov. To each their own. When I look back on that night I think that Browning and Petrenko skated just as well as the top two guys, and had better programs.

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    Re: Closest Men's Competitions

    I don't think it was really the closest....but it was a show of reputation winning out...the 1992 Olympics. Paul and Viktor both made mistakes...I thought at the time, and STILL think, that Viktor made more, and bigger ones....He may have slightly edged Paul on technical merit...but how great is high technical if you are blowing it all over the place? I mean, he even came REALLY close to sitting down at the end of one jump. Paul's errors were fewer and less distracting to the whole program. Just MY opinion...Kasey

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    Re: Closest Men's Competitions

    I voted 88...

    I don't really remember 92 OR 94... *shrugs*

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    Re: Closest Men's Competitions

    <blockquote style="padding-left:0.5em; margin-left:0; margin-right:0; margin-top:0; margin-bottom:0; border-left:solid 2">and Alexei had better presentation?</blockquote>
    I think this really is a question of what you consider the better presentation. Alexei skated in a more classical style, but I always felt that Elvis skated with more attack. Alexei's presentation never did anything for me (same as Todd's), whereas I always connected emotinally to Elvis. Also, I am not sure how it would break down if you actually looked at every one of the 7 parts that are supposed to make up the presentation score.

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    Re: Closest Men's Competitions

    <span style="color:maroon;"><em><strong>I think that if Kurt Browning was not in (8th place??) after the short program he would have won the LP.</strong></em></span>

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    Re: Closest Men's Competitions

    When I rewatched the tape of '94 Olympics, I was surprised at how many technical mistakes Elvis made relative to Urmanov. Even if you forget presentation, Urmanov clearly won on the technical. I think Elvis's martial arts style is just as viable as a balletic style, but Elvis, IMO, didn't do his style as well as Urmanov did his style, plus Elvis was weaker technically. To me that was not even close, especially watching the tape years later. However, I think Elvis did come into his own with his presentation and technique in later years, such as '97. Had he not been injured in '98 and skated clean with a quad combo, he might have won the Olympic and World gold. But '94 was Urmanov's night. One of his few.

    BTW, I voted for '88. Just watched it recently. Orser was the consummate skater at that point and Boitano was still developing. Boitano had his breakthrough skate at exactly the right moment. Those two guys were as close in ability as their names. Orser had one little wobble and didn't do the second 3Axel. Those made the difference and Boitano still won the LP by only 1/10th of a point by one judge on the technical. (That was the rule then.)

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    Re: Closest Men's Competitions

    Battle of the Brians-I also just watched it. And yes, I believe the right Brian won. But it was very, very close.

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    Re: Closest Men's Competitions

    1988 - it was the closest (5-4) of Olympics 1988-2002, I believe. In my opinion Boitano definetely deserved to win. But what would have happened if Orser had succeeded in his triple flip?

    1992 - also very close. Personally I would have chosen Wylie to win.

    1994 - not even a close competition! Urmanov got six judges (even the Canadian judge) and Stojko only one. LOL, I cannot believe that there are 20 skating fans voting for "close"...

    1998 - not at all close, Ilia was the very clear winner and Stojko was third in the freeskate. I believe that it was very close between Candeloro and Stojko. If Philippe had succeeded in his second triple axel, he had won the silver medal, IMO. And whether injured or not, Stojko would not have won Ilia in Nagano. Not against that freeskate Ilia performed there. If technically about on the same level, the international judges prefered Ilia (as seen in 1997 Champion Series Final in Munich), or any other skater they saw as a more complete package. I admire Stojko as an athlete who does not give up, although even injured.

    Also here it is difficult to understand that 4 skating fans are voting for "close"... The only thing which was close, was whether Candeloro or Stojko gets the silver medal.

    2002 - not a close competition. Again 4 skating fans see this as close...


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    Closest (???) Men's Competitions

    I voted for 1988 Olympics, the unforgettable "battle of the Brian's"; it was close, it was breathtaking, it is legendary.

    2002 Olympics - are you kidding, a die-hard Plushenko fan or Scott Hamilton? 9 judges for Yags after the short, 9 judges for Yags after the long!!! Could a victory even be more convincing and CLEAR??? :rollin:

    Instead of this I'd nominate the Yagudin/Plushenko battle at the Grand Prix final 2001 in Kitchener ... this was a real tough call, and being honest I've to say Yags was a little lucky to win this over Plush. It could've gone at least either way IMHO.

    And I've to agree with Jaana ... there was nothing nearly "close" at the men's competition at Olympics 1994. It was a clear 6 : 3 (with only ONE! vote for Stojko, two for Petrenko, I guess) decision in favour of Urmanov, with even the Canadian judge (!) voting for Alexei ...


    Edited to PS: Jaana, I don't know if this is just a typo, but obviously Ilia's Olympic victory over Stojko wasn't in question at all ... "Worlds 1998", does it mean Yags' quite shaky win over Eldredge?

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    Re: Closest (???) Men's Competitions

    LOL, thanks Anke!!! I totally missed that. Maybe it was a typo though as all the others are from the Olympics? Would be interesting to hear though how many have missed that it was about Worlds 1998. At least Rgirl posted about the Olympics.

    Anyway, I would say that 1994, 1998 and 2002 Olympics were clear wins. 1998 Worlds though, that was a splat fest, and I don´t think that Eldredge should have won?


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