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Thread: Should the "Older" Gals Go Pro?

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    I want Plushenkofest
    I like (at least in the ladies event) when the "old ones" wins. I agree with Shine,some of them should but not because of their age. I think Irina should (and I ADORE Irina) but it seems that after all this years, skating is start to develop some health problems in her, her chronic bronchitis (I'm not saying that skating is the only reason why she has develop that but it's not helping her either). In the other hand, Irina supports finnancially her family so maybe a pro life would not allow herself to that for the upcoming years.

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    Xmenia - Interesting you said that Irina could have developed bronchitus from skating. I remember a hundred years ago, that skaters were discussing that too much skating in an indoor rink could bring pulmonary problems to some skaters. Apparently the chemicals that make the ice are the source of the theory.

    Of course, no one paid serious attention.


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    "Once they turn "pro," they lose their name recognition and will, consequently, make LESS money than as amateurs! If Michelle, for example, turned pro, I can assure you she'd lose her valuable endorsement contracts."

    I'm not so convinced.

    Until 93, they had to use pro skaters anyways. Other than Nancy, whom they kept on after she turned pro, MK is the only other eligable skater Disney's had. They didn't dump her when she lost to Tara or Sarah, what makes you think that they are gonna dump her for Sasha or whoever? I don't buy it.

    As for name recognition, Kristi and Oksana are big names. Not turning pro in 94 is probably the most stupid thing Urmanov ever did.

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    I think skaters...or anybody in any profession really, should only retire when they want to. As long as you are enjoying what you are doing I see no reason to stop.

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    Should the "Older" Gals Go Pro?

    With the new scoring system in place, it will be interesting to see how long skaters will be staying around the competitve scene.

    At one time skaters had to more or less "move along" either because they could not afford to compete anymore or they just could not physically keep up with the pace.

    I think each skater mentioned here will make her decision accordingly. It may involve something as simple as wanting to start a family - who knows? Each skater makes this decision evntually.

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    I didn't make a choice...

    ...Not sure that any of them fit. I just believe it's each skater's personal decision about when they retire from ameteur competition. We might all have our opinions, but they are the ones who have to get out there and just do it.


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    none of them long as they love it, and their bodies can handle it... let the younger girls work up to their standard. it'll help keep it ladies' figure skating, and not pre-teen. (Scary to think that both Sarah and Tara could've won Jr. Worlds the year they won the Olympics!) Michelle could've gone to Jr Worlds in 1998...

    Its quite Ironic that we now consider Michelle an older gal...when she was the face of the youth movement in 1995...i remember Bob Varsha, the commentator for ESPN saying, "The new generation of skating will be exciting to watch. Oksana, Michelle..."

    Michelle and Irina aren't even as old as Nancy was in her second Olympics.

    And, besides, in the financial sense, they are professionals.
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    I think only some of them should, and only because it may be a less restrictive environment for those who have struggled with technical difficulty or consistency. But with all that 'eligible" can do, as far as earning money, and all the restrictions of the "pro" world, I think most skaters should probably hold on to the eligible status for as long as they can.


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    they sould stay as long as they can compete with the young ones at the same level

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    This sounds like "going pro" is being put out to pasture. I love the pro events, but it should be a personal choice, not based on age, wins, lack of wins, (or some fans who can't stand to see a winner keep on winning........) 42

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    Should the OLD gal go pro?

    Yes, the sooner, the better!!!! :D


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    No, why turn Pro just to make room for the younger skaters.
    I say keep skating as long as you enjoy it and can keep up the pace.

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    It should be up to each individual skater whether or not they want to turn pro or not.

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    I love the fact that the woman (and the men) are keeping around longer, than just a few years ago. What kind of sport would we have if they were all 16-17 and left before they turned 20?

    Not that it has anything to do with ladies, but Kulik went pro when he was only 21, and why?????? He was the most superb, he should've been around a whole while longer!

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    Thumbs up

    I agree that they should continue competing as eligibles so long as they are fulfilling their own individual goals.

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