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Thread: Fun SOI News!

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    Is Sandra Bezic no longer with SOI this coming season?


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    Burning question Larry. All I know is that she isn't listed on the SOI site anymore or at least, not where she used to be listed last year. Whatever that means, I have no clue. It seems like she is not a part of it anymore though. Does anyone know the answer here?!?!

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    I THOUGHT, but am not sure, that Christopher Dean had replaced Sandra Bezic as Artistic Director of SOI and that Scott Hamilton is a producer, a role he's had before, but this year he has reported that he will be "more involved in the artistic development" of the show. From what I've heard, Sandra and Scott's professional relationship has rather deteriorated over the years. I wonder if Scott's commentating job with Sandra at the '02 Olympics created some tension or made already existing problems worse? I thought the way Bezic spoke to Scott several times when they were both commentating was pretty bad and Scott looked like he wanted to smack her (just an expression--don't mean to imply violence).

    As to the question, Is Bezic involved with SOI, I got the following from the site "The Kurt Files":

    Random SOI 2003-2004 tour information, updated 8/19/03:
    * The principal choreographers for this year's tour will be Christopher Dean and Jamie Isley. Sandra Bezic and Michael Seibert are no longer involved with the tour. Article in Blades on Ice.
    * Kurt Browning will not be in the full tour this year, but will be making guest appearances. Information on which dates and cities to come. Article in IFS.
    * Brian Boitano has expressed interest in the Stars on Ice tour in the latest IFS Magazine. It is unknown whether he has actually been approached by the show or not.
    * Oksana Baiul will be a guest star in this year's tour, and is scheduled for 22 appearances, according to an IFS Magazine newsletter.
    * Scott Hamilton has said that he is taking a more active role in Stars on Ice this year, at least in a behind-the-scenes capacity. More in the latest IFS Magazine.
    * Jenni Meno and Todd Sand will be returning to this year's tour. This is the last year on their contract, and it is unknown if they will continue with the tour after this year. They are working with Christopher Dean on new programs. Article in IFS.
    * Todd Eldredge will be returning to the tour. He has five years left on his contract. Article in IFS (no mention of SOI)
    * Jamie Sale and David Pelletier will also be returning to the tour.
    * According to this article on John Zimmerman's wedding to Silvia Fontana, Ina & Zimmerman will be returning to the tour this year.
    * Rehearsals at the ISCC in Simsbury will take place from Oct. 30 to Nov. 14 this year (thanks Eddie).


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    Thanx Rgirl. :D

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