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Thread: favorite programs

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    favorite programs

    I have liked:

    Mao LP. I love the music that has passionate, melancholic Romanticism. I see more Russian TAT than Mao in this music selection and choreos. I know some ppl think it too repetitive, but I like listening to long passages. Love the spread eagle sequence and straightline step sequence with lots of twizzles (I always feel a bit worried if she doesn't fall with her hand holding the foot ).

    Yuna both programs.. I found both masterpieces. I love the musicality and sharp presentation in SP (esp. step sequence) and the understated elegance in LP.

    Alissa LP. I think it has very well-thoughtout structure/composition and choreos and very enjoyable to watch.

    Ashley's both programs. Two completely different types of music make a good constrast between the two. Very nicely choreographed on every note of the music. Great musicality. I do not find the SP music particularly interesting, but I can forget that because of the exceptionally well thought-out choreos that go so well with each phrase.

    Mirai both programs. Most entertaining to watch. Very complicated, intricate choreos with lovely little details. Step sequences are great in both programs. I also love the sharp, quick presentation.

    Tomas both programs. Most entertaining and amuzing among the men. Love the performing aspects of these programs. Very intricate and well thought-out choreos and charming presentation.

    Jeremy SP. Elegant. A wonderful choice of music for him. Intricate choreos.

    Johnny both programs. I always love the delicate, poignant sensitivity in his programs. They have calm, understated maturity. I tend not to analyze specific elements in his programs. I just watch it, forget to analyze, and enjoy the program as a whole rather than as a sum of its parts. As a result, I barely have more than a bunch of adjectives to describe his programs.

    Shawn LP. A masterpiece. The music edits are a bit odd. I would wish if they had sticked to just one piece from Mozart. Yet, very fresh and pleasant overall. Although the choreos are very lovely, I feel that the effects may owe a lot to his dancing skills. Impeccable posture and lines. Smooth, graceful carriage as he dances. Fresh, lively, and joyful performance.
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    Yu-na Kim SP

    Katrina Hacker SP

    Alexe Gilles SP

    Jeremy Abbott LP

    Davis & White OD and FD

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    Asada LP: I said it directly after TEB - incredible program. A masterpiece. A champion's program. If it works out this season I could imagine her keeping it till Olympics, it's just that good. The SP is a mess though in my opinion.

    Kim SP: basically the same I said to Asada's LP, beautiful powerful program, very memorable. But it's time she gets a really memorable LP in my opinion.

    Lepistö SP: Great music, amazing musical footwork...

    Kawaguchi/Smirnov SP: They do a really good swan. It's also a nice contrast to their overdramatic, frantic LP (I have no idea what the LP is about... It's nearly as bad as the Murkhatova/Trankov LP).

    Suzuki Ex: Well, I just wanted to mention it - again - what a great program that is.

    Abbott SP: Very nice. Very Abbott - love the costume, so dreamy and playful but not typical Russian/Johnny-style.

    Joubert SP: our little rockstar

    Joubert Ex: Fantastic stuff. First of all - thanks for having a new exhibition Brian. Some of the exhibitions of other skaters I can't see anymore... Then - it's really a great exhibtion, it showcases his basic skating skills in a way none of his programs so far in his career have. It's basic stroking, connected with loads of moves in the field, a jump here and there (they actually take away from the beauty of the program - if Brian could jump like Johnny or Kozuka it wouldn't matter - but Brian has only one way of jumping: powerful - and those few powerful movements don't really fit the rest of the program in my opinion). It's also very musical, very non-showy (that's not a word, is it?). Plus Brian in this very tight completely white costume? Oops, that was shallow. I am still wondering about the underwear though - you don't see anything, despite the colour and the tightness!

    Kerr FD: I really don't know anything about icedance - but that freedance is completely hypnotising.

    Chan LP: Reluctantly I have to say that it's a great program, a great choice of music and also a rather great skater. Still don't like the hype though

    Ponsero SP: Amazing. French. Ponsero.

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    Kerr's FD
    Abbott's LP
    Rochette's LP
    Lepisto's SP
    Kozuka's SP
    Chan's LP

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    do you mean from this competitive season, all time??? I assume it's this season... in which case I can't think of one program that stands out, but I haven't seen much... unfortunately.

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    very good thread.

    I liked Mirai's SP, i feel that it is something different than what we usually see and it suits her personality. Her LP I am not sold on yet, perhaps because she has not skated it well.

    I love both of Mao's programs, but to be honest I expected a little more from the Claire de Lune...but maybe she has to grow into it more.

    I like both of Abott's programs, Davis and White's freedance , Belbin and Agosto's freedance and S&S freeskate.

    I also greatly enjoy both of Mclaughlin and Brubaker's programs....i just love watching them.

    of course both of Yu-na's programs are masterpieces.

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    Kozuka's SP
    Preaubert's SP
    Joubert's SP

    Savchenko & Szolkowy SP & LP
    Kawaguchi & Smirnov SP

    Samuelson & Bates FD
    Khokhlova & Novitski OD
    Faiella & Scali FD
    Davis & White FD

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    Tripping on the Podium
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    I agree with a lot of choices above, but to add some of my faves:

    Kimmie's SP
    Fumie's SP
    Joannie's SP
    Kristoffer Berntsson's SP and LP
    Kawaguchi/Smirnov's SP
    Pang/Tong's LP
    Brodeur/Mattatall's LP

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    Ashley's SP & LP, Kimmie's SP, Mirai's SP, Yuna's SP & LP, Joannies SP & LP, Alissa's LP, Katrina's SP

    Jeremy's SP & LP, Stephen's LP, Patrick's SP & LP

    M/B's SP & LP, M/T's SP, P/T's LP, Z/Z's SP

    I don't really pay attention to dance but I LOVED D/W's FD
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    Mao Asada - LP - probably the most packed ladoes LP ever, and it's all done to the music. Amazing to watch!
    Nobunari Oda - SP - Superb interpretation of the music with the entire body. More polish, less nerves and it'll be a classic for me.
    M.Davis/Ch.White - FD - Wow! Their programs of last season did not impress me, but this year the FD is fab.
    Yukari Nakano - LP - She's just an amazing performer.
    Tomas Verner - LP - Not a big fan of his skating, but the choreo is good indeed.

    Also, Mirai has lovely programs. If only she skated them at their full potential.. :(

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    Well I've only watched SA from Ice Network and have only started to watch SC so far, and from whatever programs I've cought before youtube removed them, my fav programs I've seen are:

    M/B: SP & LP
    M/T: SP
    Fumie's SP
    Yukari's SP
    Kawaguchi/Smirnov's SP
    Alissa's LP
    Yu-Na's SP & LP
    Jeremy's SP & LP
    Shawn's LP
    Savchenko/S...(sp? lol) LP
    Joannie's LP
    Kerr's OD
    NavBom's OD
    Delobel/Schoenfelder's OD & FD
    Summerset/Gilles: FD (very cool and original lift!)

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    I didn't watch all the program yet,, but my favorite programs are...
    Men :
    Joubert's SP , passionate, energetic
    Jeremy's LP , elegant prince
    Women :
    Yuna kim's SP, LP : Both programs are masterpiece.. definitely
    Yukari's LP : fun to watch
    Alissa's LP: beautiful, elegant program..

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    Yannick Ponsero's SP at Skate Canada and LP at NHK! He has been the surprise of the season for me!

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    I have seen quite a few programes, but still, not all of them. This is what caught my attention so far:

    Jeremy Abbott SP LP
    Johnny Weir SP
    Oda SP

    Mao LP, Sarah Meier LP SP, Ashley Wagner LP SP, Joannie LP SP, Alissa LP

    M/T SP, V/M LP SP

    K/K FD, D/W FD

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    I also loved Sarah's programs, especially her LP. Her choices of music were interesting as always. I hope she is doing alright.

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