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    I bought a book today--Conditioning for Figure Skating--and it has some wonderful exercises for us skaters. I'm thinking of typing them up and scanning in the pictures so it can be a resource for all of us; it has great tips for things, as well as some insight on how much force we put on our bodies jumping (it's quite amazing!).

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    Ooooooo! That book sounds really helpful!

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    Hey! This is my first post (been lurking for a few weeks), but I had to say how much I liked this book. I'm taking it to my next personal training session. It's especially helpful to know exactly which muscle groups to concentrate on for weight training, and it has some great stretching examples. It even has different suggestions for pairs, singles and dance skaters. I was definitely glad I bought it.

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    Sounds like you're all talking about the Carl Poe book - is that correct? (I couldn't get the link to work.)

    I am fortunate in that he trains out of the rink I skate at, so a year ago I scheduled a private session with him for 45 minutes to be sure that I was doing everything correctly. It was well worth it, and I religiously follow his training suggestions for my off-ice. The sport cord drills for jumping have strengthened my hips and landings, and I use "his" stretches to help gain flexibility. I'd highly recommend it.

    The other book which has been very helpful to me is called "The Inner Chamption: Mental Toughness Skills for Figure Skaters." I think the mental side of skating is as high as 90%, and this has helped me lose some of my testing fear and (I hope) will help me when I begin to compete.

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