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Thread: Your Theme Song

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    Your Theme Song

    I thought the "If You Were a Dog" thread was hillarious, so I found one entitled "Your Theme Song" on the same site ( While I don't own a copy of this song I still thought it was funny....

    Walking On Sunshine

    Your upbeat approach to life makes "Walking on Sunshine" the perfect anthem for you. We can see you dancing down the vegetable isle with your grocery cart, smiling at all the checkout clerks. We sure hope you've had your Wheaties to keep up with your perky pace all day long. This happy, horn-driven tune carries you to work every day. And even in those brief lapses when you're not fully on your game, "Walking On Sunshine" seems to put things in perspective and get you back to your super groove. "And don't it feel good?" Who cares that this tune was a one-hit wonder for Katrina and the Waves? Even that quality matches your one-of-a-kindness. You're walkin' on sunshine and spreading it wherever you go.

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    I love these quizzes. My song is "Independent Woman"

    You could fit right in with Charlie's Angels themselves. When "Independent Woman" is cranking, your smooth and powerful groove announces your entrance to any event and nothing can get in your way. Maybe you're balancing school, sports, and a job. Or maybe you're seriously thinking about your career. Any way you slice it, you are a modern woman. When your song comes on the car radio, you turn it up and tell your passengers to hang on—you have a statement to make and a song to sing. You're a lass with sass, and plenty of sauce. Some of your girlfriends might not understand why you pay your own way on dates sometimes. But it makes sense to you. You can't be categorized by the usual labels. Hey, you've got your priorities straight and being dependent on someone all of the time is not one of them. And while strangers might be surprised enough to say, "Girl I didn't know you could get down like that," no one else is, 'cause you've proven your righteousness time and time again.

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    This result is more unexpected and astonishing than the 'dog' result!

    Dancing Queen

    Whether it's throwing your own theme party or mixing it up on the karaoke stage, we can see you strutting towards the jukebox in platform, glitter boots and a skintight jumpsuit to the tune of your personal anthem, "Dancing Queen." You aren't just part of the scene, you make it. You anticipate the good stuff in life, and with a theme song like yours, you're sure to get a lot of it. Crown jewel of the 70s, this Abba smash is expected to raise spirits in just about any environment, from dance floor to kitchen floor, and full-blown party. Yours is the comfort food of theme songs—steady and always welcome. Which is how your friends often view you. At your next soiree, it wouldn't surprise us if you danced with everyone for about 30 seconds, started a mambo line, then spun off to dance, jive, and have the time of your life as only a true Dancing Queen can.

    What bothers me is how did they recognize me "strutting towards the jukebox in platform, glitter boots and a skintight jumpsuit to the tune of Dancing Queen"?
    Hmm, doth my reputation precedith me?


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    I'm also "Walking on Sunshine..."

    here's the actual link to the test:

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    Look at me! I'm doing a triple.....THUD! *ouch*
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    Walking on Sunshine!

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    Yeah mine was "Walking on Sunshine" too...

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    I'm "Walking on Sunshine"

    Didn't Tara skate to that song and wear a bright yellow dress?

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    I'm Dancing Queen! How fun that is!

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