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Thread: Rink size at worlds

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    Rink size at worlds

    This may sound like a silly question:

    What will be the size of the rink at Worlds in LA: NHL or olympic ?

    Is it allowed for Worlds to have a rink smaller than Olympic size ?

    Going a little further: what is the range of rink size for an ISU competition ?

    Please, pardon my ignorance...

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    AFAIR, LA is NHL size. There's no requirement about size of rinks at Worlds, although I believe there used to be at Olympics.

    There's some discussion that Vancouver is not being required to go with the larger rink. The rink 4CC's was skated in is NHL size, even though I thought it was going to be the Olympic rink, so perhaps the requirement is waived for 2010 to save expense.

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    Why do the call it olympic size if the olympic venue for 2010 it's smaller?
    As far as I know, the 2009 4CC rink is going to be the rink where figure skating Olympics will be held.

    I found this very interesting article :

    Field of Play

    The event was held on non-international-sized ice, also called NHL-sized ice, as approved by the ISU. International-sized ice will be used at Games time; however, ice conditions can be accurately tested on both configurations. The ice meister was again given the opportunity to test ice conditions that will be shared by both figure skating and short track speed skating in 2010. This was also the second time Olympia ice resurface machines were used by the ice-making team.

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    No body builds a Figure Skating Arena. We have to be happy that Ice Hockey is a sport of world wide interest.

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    The venue that Four Continents was held at will be the venue for the Olympics. Pacific Colliseum will have Olympic sized ice for the Olympics. This rink is home to the Vancouver Giants - a WHL team - which requires NHL sized ice. It would be much too costly, and not very practical, to have switched the ice for Four Continents.

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    Rink size for 2009 Worlds in LA's Staples Center is and will be NHL size. The Olympic Rink in Vancouver (same one used for Four Continents - which was NHL dimensions) will be made Olympic size for the 5 Rings competition.

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    I hope that it does not cause the problems that NHL size caused at 4CC and Nationals. Mao seemed particullay affected and Alissa too.

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    Just saw this blurb here:

    By the numbers


    Length, in metres, of an Olympic (international) and NHL ice rink. Typically, an Olympic ice rink is 30m wide, however, for the first time in 2010 the Olympics will use an NHL sized rink, which is only 26m wide. The decision was made not to expand the rinks at Canada Hockey Place or the UBC Thunderbird Arena to save money and limit environmental impact.
    ETA: Never mind -- I just realized that the article was simply saying that Olympic ice hockey will take place on NHL size rinks -- but figure skating will take place on an Olympic size rink.
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