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Thread: Ladies short program

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    Quote Originally Posted by museksk8r View Post
    This thread is a perfect example of why I no longer visit or post in this particular forum anymore. Way too much pro-American bias and snarkiness for my taste.
    I don't think that MKF has exclusive rights on pro-American bias or snarkiness. This behavior can be found on other skating boards as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AwesomeIce View Post
    And Kostner didn't win the competition, did she? She lost the points for the missing element in the SP, and lost the points for the spin in th LP. She was able to earn enough points on other elements to finish second, in a weak field. Like I said, she plays by the rules and racks up enough poins to balance out a mistake or two.
    Just like Zhang did at Junior worlds - so what's your point? (the difference being that Kostner found herself gifted into 3rd after the SP).


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