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Thread: Navarro and Bommentre Maintain Their Individuality

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    News Navarro and Bommentre Maintain Their Individuality

    Kimberly Navarro, who will be 28 in April, and Brent Bommentre, 24, maintained their position at U. S. Nationals in 2009 with a second consecutive bronze medal. They have finished in the top five every year since they started skating together four years ago.

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    Awesome article. I can't wait to see what they come up with next season!

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    Lovely skaters, lovely people

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    Thanks - great article! I this team!

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    Navarro/Bommentre article

    Thanks for the link. Since I don't follow dance much I'm not sure why I like them so much, but I do

    They really seem to enjoy skating together and project that to the audience.


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    They are just skaters and as people. I adore them. I'm glad they are staying in at least another year. It's refreshing to know that they are true to themselves, I know they would love to place higher but they haven't compromised and that's awesome.

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    They seem to be really, really great people! I'm happy that they don't feel too sad about not making to world team and they still believe in their chances.

    The dancers finished 12th at the World Championships last season, but were bumped from the team this year in favor of Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto, who missed U.S. Nationals due to injury.
    "Ben and Tanith deserve to go if Ben's ready," noted Bommentre. "They're our best chance to get three dance teams for the Olympics."
    I remember in the Manleywoman Skatecast they said that they were glad it was Brent (and not any other US Dance team) that lost his luggages at Worlds because the competiton was not as important for them. B&A and D&W were the one that could bring the 3 spots back.
    As it was said in this thread, they are lovely skaters and lovely people

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    Nice people

    Kimberly's mom used to be my coach at the Snoopy's Ica Arena in Santa Rosa, CA. She was always so sweet and kind. She and her partner skated in Ice Capades for a number of years. It seems Kimberly comes by her niceness naturally. I'm always rooting Kimberly and Brent and I hope they make the Olympic team.

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