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    Music Suggestions

    Anyone have suggestions for music? I have a collection of CD's but want to add to the collection. Need wide variety for basic and up.


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    Hi! It depends on what kind of music you want. Do you want something for a program? Or some music to warm up to? Or just listening music? What kind of genre of music do you like (classical, rock, etc.)? Lol! Sorry if I'm asking a lot of questions! Hope I could help!

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    I have a feeling you guys might see Thug's singing act in here soon.

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    Oh Lord, I hope not!!! I don't need a rap about my own skating--its rough enough as is!!!!

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    I'm interested in this thread too. I'm not looking for music to do a program to -- I'm looking for a collection of CDs that would just be nice to skate to. The biggest problem with bringing CDs to the rink is that no matter who the artists is, you get tired of them after about 3 songs. So the best kind of CDs would be things that mix stuff up. I don't have time to go burning my own, so I'm looking for different "collections."

    Our one rink has a CD changer which holds 6 CDs, so that one is a snap--you just program it to play randomly out of all six CDs. But the smaller rink only has a one-CD player. How do you get a nice mix for skating there?

    Any help here would be appreciated. There's one girl who brings music, but frankly we're getting a little tired of her selections which tend to run to show tunes from musicals which get a little grating after awhile.

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    I have a ton of cd's - here's a few that have good skating music (some suitable for programs, some just good to skate to). I'll let you know if I think of more.

    Holst - The Planets
    The soundtrack from the movie Amadeus
    John Williams Greatest Hits
    Simon & Garfunkel Greatest Hits (not classical, but fun to skate to)
    Bolero (you can pretend to be Torvil & Dean )
    Porgy & Bess (a musical)

    Somewhere I have a music list from my mom's students, when we were all axel level & below. If I can dig it out, I'll post it. It's hard to find good music for beginning skaters - it's doubtful that a beginning skater could pull off any of the music I've listed above.

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    I'm new so bear with me if I screw this up.....

    I think that music has to reflect your personality, what you're feeling and what inspires you. Music for a program shouldn't be a distraction to those watching but should highlight your skating and YOU. That music has to inspire you to express yourself, it has to mean something, otherwise it's just noise that gets you thru the program. It's got to get you fired up! So, my question is, what type of music inspires you?

    For me, lots of the music composed by John Williams gets me going. The Patriot soundtrack is AWESOME and I use cuts from that for my long program. I just never get tired of hearing it and it has many emotions attached to it, many themes. I also really like the soundtrack from the movie "Spirit."

    I guess my only advice is to hit the library and listen to some cds. I'd start with soundtracks and classical music. You can't go wrong with those. Just explore different types of music and different composers and you'll find something you like. Music impacts everyone differently though so it's hard to suggest any certain composers or pieces on here that will work right for you. Good luck finding it but the searching is actually a good time.

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    I think that music has to reflect your personality, what you're feeling and what inspires you...That music has to inspire you to express yourself, it has to mean something
    I definitley agree with you skateballet!

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    Here's something a little off the beaten track to try -- Sir Edward Elgar's Enigma Variations. Elgar was an early 20th century British composer best known for his "Pomp and Circumstance" march, but more justly celebrated for his large body of vibrant symphonic pieces. The Enigma Variations is my favorite of these. It consists of a rather somber theme, followed by 14 variations on that theme that he wrote to express the qualities of 14 of his friends. The variations range in length from just under a minute to just under 6 minutes in length; they offer tremendous variety of tempo and mood, from childlike to passionate, serene to tempestuous. The central variation, Nimrod (4 min. long), is probably my single most favorite composition in the world. It starts with a softly held note in the violins and slowly builds up to a profound and heartwrenching climax, then returns to quietude. I've always felt that it would be an absolutely incredible exhibition piece for the right skater.
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    • Yanni
    • Last of the Mohicans
    • Irish music
    • The Mummy (soundtrack)
    • The Matrix (soundtrack)
    • E.T. (soundtrack)

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    skateballet, I totally agree with you about all you said, especially The Patriot. I have a special exhibition to it (not long program because the program involves a flag) I just love the violin in the main theme.

    I have a few soundtrack suggestions.

    The Three Musketeers, Michael Kamen

    Prologue from Anastasia by David Newman

    Interview With The Vampire by Elliot Goldenthal

    The Ten Commandments, one of the finest soundtracks I've ever heard, by Elmer Bernstein

    Gotta Fly Now from Rocky

    I think Gangsta's Paradise would be a very interesting piece to skate to for an exhibition.

    Here's some classical suggestions

    Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty

    Night on Bald Mountain

    Beethoven's 6th (Pastoral)

    Pop songs...

    Anything from Savage Garden's first album :D

    Bon Jovi songs

    Hm... Santana is good.

    That's about it, I think. I know it's been a while since this topic was posted but I thought I'd post anyway.
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