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Thread: Exhibition

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    Quote Originally Posted by skatingbc View Post
    I wish I looked as good in my jeans as Tessa does!

    I also wish that Mao and Brian would skate to music similar to their exhibitions next year! I liked the softer side of Brian more than Techno-Pelvic-Thrstnig Brian and I loved how much joy and energy Mao skated her exhibition with!
    I would love to see Brian do something softer in competition. I never thought I'd say this, but he has very graceful arms! I wish he would use his presentation skills more. He would be a great Romeo. He can be a beautiful skater. But sadly, I don't know if he'd leave his Techno thrusts for competition. I have a feeling he'd love to do something softer but isn't allowed so has to save it for exhibition.

    Highlights for me: Tomas and Brian.

    Tomas for 2010 O's Champion!

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    I love Mao's program the most! Yes, she should consider use this kind of program for her SP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky Star View Post
    Can anybody post the link at Domnina and Shabalin exh. number? I've been watching Exhibition online last night but then had some problems with my computer and had to restart it So I just missed their performance

    Just watched it! Wow! It was something different from them! And I've never seen before some of the elements
    I really enjoyed that one too. Hendryk Schamberger said on German Eurosport, Domnina&Shabalin and Lysacek for him were the performances of the day!

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    I did make it to the Gala which I normally avoid. It was good to see Alissa do such a nice job. Too bad she didn't use it for her SP. I believe the US would have gotten 13 points in final. (5+8)

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