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Thread: World Team Trophy: Final Thoughts

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    I wonder who takes the trophey home?Evan or USFSA. I already wishing that the olympics had a team format. I'm sure Italy would qualify this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joesitz View Post
    How about Abbott in WTT. Is he so pleased that everyone skated well except him?
    From what I saw, Jeremy skated very well in his LP. He successfully completed a beauty of a 4toe and he landed all of his triples except the 3Axel, plus I believe he suffered an under-rotation call on his 3Lutz, which I hope he remedies for this upcoming season. He still managed to solidly finish a respectable 5th in the mens' portion of the team competition against some heavy hitters, like Joubert, Lysacek, Chan, and Oda.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    About the unrepresented countries, the ISU should invite the top five counties and then have a rogue team as the sixth team.
    Somehow I think that would lead to a huge mess with different skating federations on how to split up the prize money .___.
    Also, I think the idea behind it was to get different skating organizations to get more skaters in different disciplines rather than just having about one skater actually winning competitions *cough cough*
    But it is an interesting fantasy figure skating?

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