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Thread: Canada's best headed to Olympic Excellence Series

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    News Canada's best headed to Olympic Excellence Series

    World silver medalist Patrick Chan and Canada's No. 2 pair Meagan Duhamel and Craig Buntin will travel to Vancouver next week for the 2009 edition of the Olympic Excellence Series, a motivational and skill-building workshop for select Canadian athletes in the 15 Winter Games sports.

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    Interesting. So neither Dube & Davison nor Virtue and Moir are being sent. Especially interesting since Duhamel & Buntin are being sent.

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    I would speculate that with Dube/Davison's recent freak injury during their exhibition at world team trophy, extra flights and full day panels might just be taking a back seat to rest and recovery.

    For Virtue and Moir, they are probably opting to make some money skating with Stars on Ice Canada.

    The statistic that measures how Canada did in the various World Championships is impressive. Shows how far broad-based yet highly focused effort on "winning medals" and support (especially financial) can have an impact. See this plenty of times - think China, and the years heading into their Summer games.

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    I thought V_M didnt skate at CSOI in this year.

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