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    New Roof

    Our townhouse complex is having new roofs installed. They just started the work today. Oh my what an ordeal!! My poor husband had to listen to the loud construction noise all day today, he works nights so had no choice. At least I am able to go to work and get a way from the noise. It's going to be an ongoing project for about three months. It is also expensive! We have to kick in $10,000 for our portion of the roof. Unreal!!!!!

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    How many square feet of roof per townhouse? That seems very expensive to me unless those are some HUGE townhouses, or that they have a lot of odd rooflines and dormers and such. Or that they are using expensive roofing materials.
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    It can also be a bit higher if they have to strip the existing layers off. The next time I need roof work, it's going to cost a lot more because there's currently 2 layers on the roof and construction code limits layers to 2.

    Are they do any other remedial work - i.e. pitching the roof to improve drainage.

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    we're also talking Canadian $ instead of US... not sure what the current exchange rate is.. I've never tried to understand it, really.

    I'd look into getting away for a few days in a hotel

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