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Thread: Famous in a Second: Rubleva and Shefer

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    News Famous in a Second: Rubleva and Shefer

    Sometimes it just takes a second to become famous, and this is exactly what happened to Russian ice dancers Ekaterina Rubleva and Ivan Shefer at the 2009 European Figure Skating Championships in Helsinki.

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    The whole world heard about that incident, it certainly gave them publicity!

    Despite the issue with Ekaterina's costume, their CD was one of the best of the event, which I think is a great achievement as most of the CDs weren't very good.

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    Great article, written with warmth and good humor by Tatjana Flade.

    These articles and interviews with skaters who don't usually get a lot of press are a great service. Thanks, gsk8.

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    Excellent article, well-written and interesting. I second what Mathman wrote about featuring skaters and teams who don't get tons of press.

    I'm glad Ekaterina can now laugh off what happened at Euros. I'm sure we'll see her next season in a more durable costume . Best of luck to them - 15 years together, wow! I think only Del/Schoe have had a longer partnership of the current ice dance teams (Z/Z have apparently been skating together since 1995, V/M since 1997).

    BTW, that Euros CD has over a million views on Youtube. That's likely about one million more than the second-most viewed. Are people that desparate to see breasts? Surely there's more graphic stuff online .

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    D&W are the longest paired dance team in the US, and they're also from 1997, so R&S have definitely been together longer than anyone in the US.

    I loved this snippet from Rubleva about the difficulty of ice dance judging! I would have the same problem:

    Both skaters finished their studies for the coaching diploma and are now focusing fully on their sport. Rubleva even passed the exam for a technical specialist in ice dance at the national level and has been judging domestic competitions.

    "Now I understand how hard judging is," Rubleva sighed. "It is very difficult what is required from the judges and technical specialists. There is not much time when you have to look at everything - when you have to watch two people. Even when they split up during the footwork and one (specialist) is watching one partner and the other is watching the other partner - it is still very difficult. When I started judging, they told me that I need to focus and to watch only the elements. But I'm watching and then I get so drawn into the program that I forget about everything else. What elements? The others say, 'Katia, the elements are over.' I think it is very hard to focus only on the elements."
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