I was wondering how important the "it factor" is in figure skating. It does seem to be real - but I wonder how differently we all see this and how some here feel about it. Is this something that we can define, or by it's nature is it just something that we feel?
Does a skater (or team) loaded with the "it factor" receive better marks at competitions?
I wonder if there is a general consensus about who has "It" and who doesn't?
Does Yuna have it and if so does she have more of it than Mao? If so, will that be a factor in Vancouver?
Has any American male skater had "it" since Brian Boitano?
Can a skater work hard trying to attain "it" - maybe Johnny comes to mind - as opposed to a skater like Joubert who seems to have it naturally.
Is this "it factor" nothing more than charisma, or is there more to it when talking about skaters?