View Poll Results: Favourite French Men skater ever

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  • Laurent Tobel

    4 4.94%
  • Jean-Christophe Simond

    0 0%
  • Alban Preaubert

    3 3.70%
  • Yannick Ponsero

    4 4.94%
  • Eric Millot

    4 4.94%
  • Stannick Jeanette

    4 4.94%
  • Frederic Dambier

    4 4.94%
  • Philippe Candeloro

    19 23.46%
  • Brian Joubert

    39 48.15%
  • Other: Be sure to comment

    0 0%
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Thread: Favourite French Men Skater ever

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowflake View Post
    Jeanette gets my vote because he was so unique. The LP he did in 2000 really surprised me and caught my attention. No other guy did moves or spins like that. I went to Paris in 2003 to see him live(among other favorites) but he WD after his SP. He disappeared too soon from eligible skating in my opinion. I haven't seen or heard of him in a long time, but I hope he still skates?
    I was surprised that there was no love for Stanick, so good to see he's gotten a vote. He was inconsistent, but really great when he was on.

    He's no longer competing, of course, but has gotten into choreo and according to rumors will be involved in choreographing Florent Amodio's programs for 2009-10.

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    All-time favorite patineur français: Dambier, for all the reasons listed by Antman.
    Least favorite: Candeloro. That guy made me wish people would throw bottles of shampoo instead of stuffed animals onto the ice.
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    Stannick is very big skater, he could "alloy" interpretation and technology (the quad not at least seems to me you him)), he misses a lot!

    My preference is Brian Joubert, what does not prevent me from appreciating, Alban Préaubert Yannick Ponsero and Florent Amodio.

    We have a good masculine team in France, talented different !!

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    Voted for Stannick. His Little Prince program was really original and unique, just full of french.

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    My favorites are Ponsero and Dambier!

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    Brian Joubert

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    I voted for Laurent Tobel. His programs were amazingly funny. I also really, really liked Millot & Jeannette.

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