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Thread: Stroking Exercises on Ice I and II VHS Dubova

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    Stroking Exercises on Ice I and II VHS Dubova

    I'm selling both Volume I and Volume II of "Stroking Exercises on Ice--The Dance Training Methods of Natalia Dubova." These VHS tapes (NTSC format--playable on US VCRs), from my personal collection, are both in excellent condition, as are their original vhs cases.

    The tapes feature on-ice demonstrations at Lake Placid with ice dancers Elizaveta Stekolnikova and Dmitri Kazarlyga doing couples moves, and a cast of young students skating singly. Natalia Dubova gives instruction and explanation before and during the moves, and there's also voiceover narration, as well as a brief history of Dubova herself.

    Volume I is called "Basics," Volume II is titled "Fundamentals." Each tape is about an hour long.

    These videos were never released in DVD format, so this is the only way to see them.

    If you'd like more info about the tapes and what specifically is on them, please PM me (I'm pretty sure that should work here--if not, just post on this thread and I'll see it) and I'll get back to you.

    I looked around on the web to try to figure out a price for the tapes, but they're so rare that I found them only at a store in Canada that has just the first volume, which they're selling for about the equivalent of US$110.

    I'd be happy to sell both tapes for $80 including priority mail shipping in the US. It's such a specialty item I saw no point in putting them on ebay. My seller ID there is "miffyskate," so you can look up my 100% positive rating if you have any concerns.

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    Additional info

    I had some time to view both tapes today, so I wanted to give more specific info.

    Each tape contains detailed instruction on form, posture, knee-bend, position, and much more by master ice-dance instructor Natalia Dubova, as ice dancers Elizaveta Stekolnikova and Dmitri Kazarlyga demonstrate the moves as a couple, and young skaters, including Shelby Lyons, do the moves alone.

    Narration by producer/director Cecily A. Morrow, but most of the talking is done by Dubova herself, instructing and demonstrating with the skaters. There’s a short biography of Dubova at the beginning of Volume I.

    Volume I (58 minutes) Basics: Forward progressives, forward stroking, back crossovers, back progressives, forward chassés, outside left 3-turns, combination steps (progressive, chassé, 3-turn), alternating forward progressives, alternating back crossovers, forward and backward one-foot change-edge pushes.

    Volume II (55 minutes) Fundamentals: Holds (Kilian, foxtrot, waltz), stroking backward in modified waltz position, forward and backward cross-rolls, inner and outer mohawks, forward outside rockers, alternating rockers, back outside edges, forward inside double 3-turns. Melissa Gregory is in the class on this tape, as well as the skaters from Volume I.

    I also wanted to add that I may be able to offer the buyer DVD back-up copies along with the VHS tapes.

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