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My family members call me overweight or fat a lot and sometimes I want to quit skating because off all the weight pressures. I don't have an eating disorder but I feel like all the pressure the skating world puts on being skinny may want to induce one. I hate it how normal sized people (not fat, not skinny) are considered fat in this sport. By the way many skaters do have large thighs(including me) thanks to super strong leg muscles
Why on earth would your family members call you overweight or fat? That is awful. I think you should use skating as a way to escape everything in your life, feel good about yourself, and challenge yourself. When I get on the ice I feel free - I know it sounds horribly corny but it is true. I hope you can find that too.

By the way, there are Facebook groups to embrace the muscle we skaters get. There is one for skater thighs and my favorite is the "Skater Butt Appreciation" group which I am a proud member of