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Thread: McLaughlin, Brubaker adapt to new training methods

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    News McLaughlin, Brubaker adapt to new training methods

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    Very interesting read. Good to see Nicks in the game again. Sounds like this team is going through some major changes, but I think they can rise to the occasion if they just stay on track

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    That was interesting. They've been through a lot this off season so far, but the good thing with pairs is that you don't have to go through things alone. I wonder if they'll end up going back to Colorado in the future, who knows. For now, I'm excited to see them under Nicks. Their LP music choice is interesting as well, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing their program. I love this pair, and I just hope they have a fun season and skate confidently. I know they can do it. They're capable of being very competitive, but at the same time, you don't want them to feel extra pressure to place really high right away.
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    You know these funny questions in questionnaires "Name 5 people you want to have dinner with one time!"? I think "John Nicks" would be one of my answers.

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    Oh I agree Medusa. Such a quirky charm and wonderful wit. Always a twinkle in his eye kind of commentary. His contribution to skating is immense. Will be entertaining hearing what he has to say as the season progresses.

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    Lol, thanks for posting this, Sylvia!

    Mr. Nicks always makes me laugh, such a wonderful dry sense of humour, he reminds me of one of my tough little Chihuahuas.

    Seriously, I'd love to sit down with him & have a conversation about the past, his recollections, he's like a living museum, the best kind.

    I'm sure gonna miss seeing him beside Sasha, but I understand her move, she needs a coach that will challenge her, force her to do double-runthroughs, whatever it takes. Alas, Mr. Nicks used to be like that in the past when working with the incomparable Tai Babilonia & Randy Gardner, but he has mellowed with age. Understandable. Still, I think he's just what the doctor ordered for McLaughlin & Brubaker. On that note, I am beyond excited to see that they chose Sarah Kawahara for their choreographer, can't wait to see what their LP will look like!

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