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Thread: Flying: Skates as a carry-on item?

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    Question Flying: Skates as a carry-on item?

    It seems confusing whether or not figure skates are allowed as carry-on items on US domestic flights, so I contacted TSA via email and got this response:

    ... Currently, ice skates, roller skates, skateboards and tennis racquets are permitted as carry-on items. They will need to be screened by the x-ray machine. ... TSA security screening personnel make the final decision on whether to permit items into the sterile area of the airport. If you have any doubts, we recommend that you place your sporting equipment in your checked baggage.
    I have also heard that TSA clearance is available from a frequent flyer
    LAX does accept skates in a carry on if you call TSA and stuff ahead of time.
    The question: How smooth is this process and how does it work? Any tips will be greatly appreciated!
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    Flying out of LAX with ice skates in carry-on is kind of hit-and-miss, since it is a very high-security airport. I was allowed to take my skates on as carry-on the last time I tried, but only because I came armed with an e-mail from TSA and a print-out from their website showing a picture of an ice skate among the other *allowed* sporting goods items. However, the TSA guy at the checkpoint did take them out and feel the blade before deciding whether or not to allow them. To take his attention away from the ominous toepicks, I pointed out that the blade was so shallow that the most it could do was a surface level cut (and that I knew this from experience ). Looking again at the e-mail and print-outs I had brought, he said, "Looks like you've done your homework" and decided to let me through with them.
    A few of my friends were not as lucky, though, so it clearly depends on who you get from TSA and what kind of mood he/she is in. I would advise taking your skates with you, armed with your e-mail from TSA, but also allowing yourself plenty of time in case you are asked to go back and check them.
    I would not advise going to TSA before checking in and asking if you can carry your skates on. They are more likely to say no when they know that you haven't checked in yet.
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    Thanks for the info, vlaurend! I was wondering if they would let me take my skates on a plane.
    I guess it's a good idea to have some stuff to back up.

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    You also need to call and check on the airport you will be returning from. Every one is different, but a call directly to the airport's TSA office is your best bet.

    Good Luck!

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    Many thanks everyone, will make sure to check with both airport's TSA office.
    People at TSA's 800 number gave me a really bad time, but at least confirmed ice skates are permitted as long as they fit into the overhead cabin.
    All these are still at the mercy of security point personnel, I guess

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    I personally don't think you can carry on skates but if it is an option do it. I wouldn't trust an airline with my $700 skates and I would be livid if they got lost.

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    As discussed above, skates are no longer on the banned item list

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