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    Anyone seen that TV show? They certainly take some of the romance out of plastic surgery by showing, graphically, exactly what is being done to your body while you are under sedation. Ugh.

    Someone I know who had implants told me that, regardless of which type you have, there is always a danger of them breaking or springing a leak. At the very least, a surgical repair would be required.

    Participation in high risk sports can heighten that danger. She gave up skiing because she didn't want to risk additional surgery. Guess a skater would have to fall in a certain way..


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    that would be horrible. Imagine Nicole and her new set falling and it busting. heh sorry couldnt resist.

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    this is more a general topic than a skating topic I'll move it "off ice"

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    When I was in high school, a friend's mother had a nose job. Afterwards, she looked as if she'd been beaten--black eyes, swollen face, awful. Once she got mad at her daughter and me (the mother indeed had some anger management problems) and started yelling at us. Her nose started bleeding and between the black eyes and swelling made worse by the contortions and redness of her face, it was a real horror show. Also, in rare cases, cosmetic surgery can cause nerve damage and/or chronic pain. A TV newswoman had a basic facelift because she felt she needed it for her career. The surgeon did nothing wrong, but the woman ended up with an extremely painful chronic condition called reflex pain syndrome (aka reflex sympathetic dystrophy). She said her whole head feels like it's on fire. She was on the verge of suicide before she found a combination of pain therapies that helped, but she still can rarely go out because of the pain. Even the woman acknowledged that she realizes she's a one in a million chance case. But cosmetic surgery is surgery and there is risk--including death.

    People are of course entitled to do what they want with their own money and you can't get away from looks prejudice in work and social situation. But still a pity that insecurity about looks seems to be so common. The irony to me is that once you've been close to or around an exceptionally good-looking person for a while, you don't notice their looks--speaking only for myself, of course. I had a couple of boyfriends when I was young who were considered "hotties." But it was amazing how unhot they got, and in one case downright ugly, when their true personalities came through. Same held true vice versa. The movie "Shallow Hal" isn't the greatest movie (although it does use the greatest Cake song, lol), but it is an interesting comment on our attitudes towards looks. Gynweth Paltrow wore her fat suit around the city where they were filming one afternoon and said that what bothered her was not that people stared at her (they didn't stare), but the way they behaved as if she wasn't even there, as if she was too awful-looking to even be acknowledged.

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