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Thread: Your answer when asked who's your favorite skater.

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    Your answer when asked who's your favorite skater.

    I really don't like it when people ask who my favorite skater is. It is usually people that just find I like watching skating. Also, it is usually people who don't have any interest.
    I just tell them I like them all.
    What are your feelings? :\

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    I enjoy most any skater to a degree although there are some I like more than others and few I like the "most," but I don't care to answer that question either. I don't like being put in a box and labeled "X's fan.


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    Well, most don't usually ask, it must be the giant Michelle head I have tattooed on my right bicep. LOL. I generally try to discuss figure skating only with those that have a similar passion for the sport...and that tends just to be on here! I find most other people still associate skating with the whole "Nancy and the Whacked Knee" issue. But on here, I love to discuss my favorites. LOL....but there are so few skaters that I actually dislike, so, I can discuss just about anything and anyone.

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    When I'm asked, I usually start rattling off a whole list of names, Paul Wylie, Janet Lynne, Michelle, Kurt Browning, G and G......42
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    I have a list of "favorites", but I am more concerned with how a skater skates then who they are. I want to see great skating!

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    I bore them with listing my top 3 (in mens it'd be top 5) favorites of each disipline

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    Your answer when asked who's your favorite


    It's like trying to answer who your favorite actor is. Figure skating evolves constantly and does not stand still in time. I like to say who my current favorite skaters are and who are on my all time list - like Karen Magnussen and Kurt Browning.

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    Now that you mentioned it, I too started to think that this is sort of a silly question. There are so many great skaters and your fav. change or include different people all the time.

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    Granny - Other than MK and Kurt, I'm with you all the way. Figure skating comes first (even before MK and Kurt).

    I'm really interested in all figure skaters especially the ones who are just starting out. It's great fun for me to see a new skater (that I have not seen before) and say that guy(gal) is going to be prominent in a few years. For example: Stephane Lambiel, Ilia Klimkin, Johnny Weir, Jeffrey Buttle, Bebe Liang, Yukina Ota have now come into prominence where before there was not much talk about them when they first started out. I'll be looking for new faces when the Jr Worlds is televised. (Watch for Evan Lysacek)

    And like most posters, I certainly get interested in the top tier skaters, but I tend to stand back and let the best one win THAT night. The outcome doesn't change my absolute favorite.

    And finally, there are those skaters who imo are really excellent skaters who don't quite make it, and I say that with a lot of sadness. Matt Savoie and Angela Nikidinov for example. But I always hold hope.


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