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Thread: Liz Mannely Battled Depreesion En Route to Olympic Silver

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    Lightbulb Liz Mannely Battled Depreesion En Route to Olympic Silver

    Interesting. I never knew this. Very inspiring story.

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    Bravo to Liz Manley for speaking honestly about mental illness. No other illness has the stigma it does. It's great to see someone doing well and living with depression.

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    Yes, Liz is the official spokesperson for Mental Health/Depression and was here in Vancouver not long ago. She is also the spokesperson for the 2009 Winners Walk for Hope as her mom passed away from cancer last year.

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    I thought this was old news. I think it was mentioned in a CBC or CTV documentary.
    SC put her through the ringer. It's amazing that she kept at it....

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    Liz Manely's book.......

    I read her book a while back, its a terrific book to read, and yes Im so proud of her. And going all the way. SC did put her and her mom through a lot. It just goes to show you, that if you have a dream you will do everything possible to get there,,,

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    Thanks for posting this, great article!

    I never knew Liz Manley went through all that. As a fan, it makes me think what all these skaters go through to bring us such happiness & joy. This applies to all arts & sports. I only see the end product, not the process. What a humbling revelation.

    I still can't get over Jennifer Kirk's article, now coupled with Liz's, I'm somewhat depressed myself now. But in Liz's case there really is a silver lining. Her mom didn't push her, allowed her to do what she wanted to do, supported her decision whether it be to quit/do something else/etc. The opposite is true in Jennifer's case.

    I have to go search on youtube for Liz's outstanding performance at the 1988 Olympics ~ what joy she radiated, I honestly felt her love of skating, which just burst through on the Olympic Podium when she received her silver medal ~ she was soooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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