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Thread: Moran Memorial (Aug. 28-30 in Hackensack, NJ)

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    Moran Memorial (Aug. 28-30 in Hackensack, NJ)

    This club competion takes place August 28-30 at the Ice House in Hackensack, New Jersey.


    Registered skaters:

    SENIOR LADIES include Elene Gedevanishvili (GEO), Ashley Wagner, Emily Hughes, Joelle Forte (AZE?), Samantha Cesario, Ksenia Makarova (RUS), Daniela-Bella Favot (CAN).

    SENIOR MEN include: Stephen Carriere, Shaun Rogers, Viktor Pfeifer (AUT).

    JUNIORS include Alexander Zahradnicek and Christine Mozer.

    Emily Hughes may decide to compete at another club comp. and not here (she mentioned 2 other possible comps besides this one in her recent article -- link to article thread). As for Joelle Forte, we'll just have to wait and see if she ends up skating for AZE at Nebelhorn Trophy (the preliminary Nebelhorn roster had a "TBC" next to her name/country).

    Ashley Wagner confirms in her August 12th journal entry that she plans to debut her new programs at this competition. Her coach, Priscilla Hill, is scheduled to bring several of her other students here -- Carriere, Rogers, Pfeifer, Zahradnicek.
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    According to her twitter :
    AshWagner2010I'm getting ready to skate.. Wish me luck!
    Can't wait to hear some news and maybe watch some vids

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    Interesting ladies competition. I can't wait to see the results and videos.

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    Any on-line web pages w/ results as posted for this event?

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    Ashley Wagner tweeted that she "had a good program" but other than that, I don't know. She makes no mention of where she placed.

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    It appears Sylvia is kindly twittering some updates, including Wagner 54.88, Gedevanishvili 53.69, Forte 48.88, . . . She also included some protocol info.
    (Thank you Sylvia. Love your tweets!!!!)

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