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Thread: Graf and blade sizes

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    Graf and blade sizes

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can give me a good advice.
    I had to throw my Risport after a few months of skating, my level is just not very high, but I'm not very light but not even that overweight..

    I have a large feet with a flat arch and wide ankles.

    Anyway, it has been told me to be a stiff boot of another brand and I was thinking about Edea Concerto or Graf Edmonton.
    Edea customer service told me that my Mk Club 2000 Blade which is a size 10 2/3 '' cannot be assembled with the Edea boots, the blade would be 5mm longer than the boot. I don't want to change my blade right now, so what to do ? May I buy a Graf and which size should I buy?
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    If there's a skate shop near you the best thing to do is to go and talk to an expert who works there. They'll be able to give you the best advice.

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    They don't sell Graf:frown2:, that's why I'm asking, they only sell Risport and Edea

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    Have you considered getting your old Risport boots rebuilt? Surely there must be really good shoemakers in Italy that could rebuild them. Have you contacted Risport and asked if they rebuild their boots? I know that Harlick and Riedell will do it for their customers.

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