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Thread: Use of Professional Makeup Artists by a Rhythmic Gymnast Team

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    Use of Professional Makeup Artists by a Rhythmic Gymnast Team

    Three beauty advisors from a famous cosmetic brand, Pola, support the Japanese rhythmic gymnastic team as "beauty coaches." They suggest adequate skin care and tailor makeup patterns that best match the concept of the performance. They train the gymnasts to master basics of skin care and makeup techniques. They also come to the events to help gymnasts with the hair-do and makeup so that they would have no worries. Although cosmetic companies often support gymnasts, they are so exceptionally comprehensive that they receive a lot of international attention during the events. They try to create sculpted features with a particular emphasis of eyes so that the gymnasts can appeal to the judges 15 meters away. They also want to make them look as if they were sextuplets. Additionally, it is essential that makeup does not go away by perspiration.

    It would be great if skaters also could have such help.

    The team picture
    Face close-up
    Learning skin care and makeup techniques
    (In Japanese)
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    The girls look great, unfortunately, their leotards are another story...

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    Doesn't the CHinese team use professional make up artists, too?
    I'm used to the blue eye shadow and pins, but to a first time viewer, it can be an overwhelming sight!
    Professional or not professional, the key is quality.

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