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Thread: 2010 Olympic Podium (ladies)

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    2010 Olympic Podium (ladies)

    Hi, I'm new here, and I'm curious to see who posters think will be on the olympic podium in Vancouver. Pick up to three skaters!

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    I think Mao and Miki will be on it and hope Fumie joins them. Watch Miki for the gold.!!!

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    My totally frivolous predictions for ladies Olympic champion, all dependent on the organ used to choose:

    Brain: Yu-Na

    Gut: Miki

    Heart: Mao

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    if all of the top ladies skate to their potentials, i think podium would look like:

    Gold: Mao Asada
    Silver: Yuna Kim
    Bronze: Miki Ando

    I would not be happy to see Yukari Nakano on the podium, but for that she will have to fully rotate her triple axel and hope others miss.

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