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Thread: Machiko's new boy

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    Machiko's new boy

    In this passed weekend, a few regionals took place in Japan. One of them called "Chubu- block (central Japan) was held in Nagoya city, where many of big Japanese skaters are from.
    And one of the highlights of this competition was mosdef this novice skater, Shoma Uno.

    Two years ago, he started to get some media attention in Japan and his coach, Machiko Yamada was bragging about how much this little boy could dance. But at that time, he was still struggling to land 2A.
    During the last season, he landed his first triple, which was 3S.
    And this season, he already has triples up to 3F.
    Just watch this performance, considering his age, I think 10 or 11, which means he will be still novice for the next season , the way he carries himself on the ice is staggering.
    With a new talent like this and current top male juniors like Yuzuru Hanyu and Kento Nakamura, the future of Japanese men will be just fine.

    Of couse, anything can happen, but probably Shoma Uno will be Machiko's first big male skater.
    I think Yamada is one amazing coach, she keeps introducing new talents one after another. And unlike any other big name coaches, she brings up these youngsters from scratch.
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    His presence and use of the music is WAY beyond his years. I can't wait to see this guy a few years from now. thanks so much for posting!

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    I think he is 11 yo. Yeah I watched this this morning right after his parents posted his skate on youtube. I am a big fan of Shoma!

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    Amazing for 11 years old! Good luck to him!

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    He is amazing Is he really 11? He looks quite young like an 8 year old.

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