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Thread: Jennifer Kirk lands writing gig with Los Angeles Times

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    Yay for Jenny!

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    Quote Originally Posted by feraina View Post
    I'd hate to generate even more traffic to Phil Hersh's article with my post. But I *really* enjoyed reading the comments to his article. The reply he made after some of the comments was so ridiculous, it was even worse than the article itself. And of course, it generated an even bigger torrent of criticism.
    He has now deleted the vast majority of the comments including his own. Although he does not have to be a doormat, it would have been fairer and more respectable if he had addressed what he had agreed and disagreed with the criticism. You can't learn anything from escaping and silencing voices.
    Hope Jenny would not let herself bothered by this incident too much.

    Thank God we still have Jennifer Kirk to write about the real competitors, not just in ladies, but in all disciplines:
    Yeah, I loved this most recent entry from her I hope to see newfound consistency from Caro, indeed

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    Quote Originally Posted by McWicked View Post
    Maybe she got this deal with L.A times due to her own point of view of figure skating, which is more in the insight. I'd be faithful to my line if I were Jenny.
    Totally agree. She is obviously not a journalist (yet) but can certainly be considered a columnist. Columnists are employed and paid to express their opinion and point of view. That said, standards of decency should be applied to all, especially Hersh, as their columns reflect on the papers that employ them.

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    Maybe I should know this but don't....what is Jenny's education in journalism???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dee4707 View Post
    Maybe I should know this but don't....what is Jenny's education in journalism???
    She is currently completing her journalism degree I think.

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