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Thread: Pairs Short Program

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enthusiast View Post
    S/S were stunning.
    ITA, they were.

    Quote Originally Posted by Enthusiast View Post
    including Masha and Max
    And yet, another strong SP from MMMT.
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    So happy that M/T and S/S skated very well! I hope we see great performances in the LP too!

    Thanks to all the angels out there who are posting videos for those of us who can't watch.

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    Sav/Szol routine:

    Unfortunately i can't find neither Muk/Tra, nor Dub/Dav posted.

    I love MM chosen music, that "Appasionata" is sublime to skate to, someone there must have a good taste

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    Couldn't watch S/S.
    Call me shallow, but, at this point, I can't get passed the face paint...
    I get the point, but I wish they'll just ditch it

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    For some reason, the face paint makes the very pretty Aliona look like The Witch With The Nose 3 Ells Long.

    Another vote for no face paint.

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