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Thread: Thoughts, Feelings, Reflections, on the competition in general

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    0 Not allowed! this guy! Loved him in 2007 when I saw him live at Skate him more in 2009 watching him on television. Oda and scared be very scared!! LOL I like her. I hope she continues to do well.

    Pairs....are all the Russian teams looking at old G&G tapes???
    M/B - Really need to get it together wih the jumps.
    K/S - Am I the only one that really doesn't like them?

    Davis and White- I loved the original dance. Usually I hate this part and after last week of a million russian folk songs and country western music I was like...geez can I handle it again? But they did something original and I really liked it. I almost want to call them the best team in the world right now! But if I do someone will probably rip into me for saying I won't! LOL

    Men - whoever said that Plushenko did the same cookie cutter routine.....yeah I agree with that. I so do not enjoy his skating. If he wins the Olympic Gold I might scream really loud so that they will hear it in Vancouver.

    Weir - I feel so bad for him. He just can't seem to get it together. What's the deal? I sure hope that he steps it up next time.

    Mao - what the??? Seriously..I am going to call her Mao Asada Kostner because this is a melt down of epic proportions. OK not epic but still really crappy. Good bye Grand Prix final....goodbye olympic medal????

    Loving the commentary on Universal Sports...thanks for brining Paul back and thanks for telling them to shut up and only talk a tiny bit. LOVE IT!!

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    ^^ I don't like K/S either

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    I can only comment on what was shown on the NBC broadcast, which were the top 4 men, the top 6 women, the LP of Brandon Mroz, and the FD of Davis/White.

    I fell deeper in love with Kozuka from this competition. His LP music is exquisite, IMO, and I hope he is able to skate this program cleanly when it counts. He and Davis/White were the highlights of this whole competition for me. The Japanese men (Dice, Taka, Nobu) are truly a powerhouse!

    Davis/White displayed great speed and a very intriguing FD with powerful attack and difficult lifts and step sequences. I think they handled the character, power, and romanticism of this music very well, even with the slightly off ending to the program. I really look forward to how this program is presented in January and February. Love them so much!

    I really respect Evgeni Plushenko for being serious with his comeback and for the amazing shape he is in. I'm still not wild about his style and programs, but you have to respect his athleticism. I found his step sequences in the SP and the LP severely lacking and definitely not Olympic champion calibre. I can't believe all his footwork sequences acquired level 3. Cute interview with David Pelletier!

    I LOVED Alena Leonova's expression! She is a great actress on the ice in my mind and her personality is infectious. She has charisma coming out of her pores . . . I find her so entertaining. I know she didn't have the competition she wanted here and she could have done a lot better, but I totally love her ability to interpret the character of this music. Great job!

    I like Ashley Wagner's improvements.

    Brandon Mroz had a very respectable comeback in the LP, which was very nice to see. He will need to have a much better outing at the next GP meet to prove to the USFSA his case to be included on the Olympic team.

    Mao looks totally lost and I hope she can find her way back. She's really been off track since the 2009 4CC. Her jump technique appears to be in shambles.

    Johnny Weir really couldn't afford the 6th place performance he gave in the LP. I really hope he regroups in time for Nationals because it appears he blew a shot at making the GPF with his 4th place at RC.

    Alissa Czisny still skates too timidly and still under-rotates her flip and loop jumps. The planned technical content is better than last season but she's still not accomplishing those jumps, and that will continue to destroy her prospects internationally. The spins as always are fabulous and a real highlight for her. I think it really projects a negative impression to the judges when a skater repeats a LP for a 2nd year and still struggles so much with the technical content. She shouldn't have to think about her non-jump elements because she knows that program so well, so the judges and the audience are going to expect to see better results with those jumps.

    I loved Miki Ando's dress and I'm seeing small improvements in her artistry with the way she's being packaged with this new Cleopatra LP. She's such a beautiful woman! This LP I think is a step in the right direction for her and it's very nice to see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by museksk8r View Post

    Davis/White displayed great speed and a very intriguing FD with powerful attack and difficult lifts and step sequences. I think they handled the character, power, and romanticism of this music very well, even with the slightly off ending to the program. I really look forward to how this program is presented in January and February. Love them so much!
    FYI, NBC did something weird with the audio of D/W's program when they broadcast it. I watched it live on IN and saw it again on Universal Sports. In the live and US broadcasts, there D/W actually finished a half beat after the music. On NBC, they played the last few notes of music twice in (I believe) an attempt to mask the very slightly flawed ending. In reality, it just made it seem like D/W finished really early. If you look them up on YT, you'll see what I mean.

    BTW, I LOVED having Paul Wylie and Susie Wynn back calling skating. Maybe NBC has been reading our posts and got the message.

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    Very disappointing overall.

    So far this season my biggest complaint is music, music, music. Many terribly inferior choices that lack any true musical integrity. And dear God ... NO MORE TANGOS.

    The highlight of the entire competition for me was Taka's blurred scratch spin. When was the last time we saw anything even close to it? The most exciting moment of the event.

    Plushy. Never liked him, still don't. I can't deny his consistency and the quality of his jumps, But also can't deny that his spins are grotesque. As others suggest, maybe he'll push other male skaters to greater heights- I hope so. Right now the entire Men's competition is on track to be a re-hash of 2006. Oh, and thanks Plush for not one but two tango (or Latin) music selections. Nice contrast. And all the 'I'm #1' crap was in bad taste. Speaking of bad taste --- well I can't even comment again on the bad haircut. And now he says he may never retire. Please just stab me in the face.

    Alena Leonova is spunky alright. I don't like spunky.

    Miki's costume is beautiful. Program and music? Neh.

    Mao's descent is heartbreaking. Tarasova has ruined her.

    Johnny used to own 3A/3T. What happened? I had such high hopes- and haven't given up- but there's just no forward momentum. Can he return?

    Ashley's LP was lovely.

    Love Davis/White. Don't love the programs. (Phantom was so much flailing about.)

    K/S. Whay can't someone give that poor girl a makeover? She obviously goes to the same butcher ... er ... hair stylist as Plushy. Anyhow, don't know why K/S added that atrocious caterwauling vocal the the Black Swan. The beauty of the music is its sheer simpliciity. Maybe they always used this arrangement- but I don't recall that dying-cat screeching vocal.

    So anyway, I love skating as much as anyone. But the music seems to get worse and worse and I guess that's why I'm just not feeling it so far this season. Won't give up- but hoping for big improvement.

    If Kim and Plush are locks (and aren't they?), where will the excitement come from? The race for silver and bronze?

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvsasha View Post
    ^^ I don't like K/S either
    neither do I.........

    especially Miss K.......

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    ^^ they have a great coach...and that's about it.

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    IT could have been better--the women was a washout,

    to me _ashley could have won provided she fought more--but she also lucked out by not having her jumps in the short downgraded and her combo in the long downgraded. but She has improved in quality of jumps than now you can tell when she urs versus before-she is doing better on her jumps. still needs to improved artistry-show more emotion and herself when she is skating.
    If she fought more,s he could have won with how everyone was skating.

    Alissa-improved and fell behind since nelbelhorn-how to me in the long -when she landed the jumps she wasn't sure on-she changed edges and wobbled, the jumps she knew she could land she fought for those landings and seemed more secure. her interpretation was better-. She needs to fight more -be more secure in knowing she can land those jumps._She could have won to with all the messups.
    Miki-could have skated better-she was decent-but not great, she needs to improve artistry and jumps,Nikola should keep his mouth shut.
    Wasn't miki suppose to skate in the Japan open and than backed out? i am not sure. She should have been more ready and skated like she wanted to take charge. she just skated .Miki didn't skate competition ready.
    I would like to see how miki would have skated 3 competitions in a row.

    Julie-also could have won-she had those landings on 4 jumps but seemed like she gave up.

    Mao--needed to rest--she willed herself to skate the short and long and could tell by the long she had nothing left to give. Yes her mind was willing but her body wasn't ready . Yes she needs to rely on overall but to me there was nothing wrong, she was just tired. She isn't done, at least not yet. If she skates like this latter on in the season (nationals-than maybe but not after skating in japan open, oct4-7, teb-17-18 and now rostelecom cup .

    Johnny-personally i think the angel program worked better for gregory and petukhov than for johhny. johnny just complitmented the program.

    takaho-keep working practicing.

    Evgengy--decent job- in the long, better than expected in short.

    Davis white--totally improved since nebelhorn, will give belbin and agosto a run for the money at nationals. is in run for oly title as well as virture and moir
    but overall --okay

    also decent cop scoring overall -girls especially us girls in short jumps overlooked. for ashley-105-107 in long, alissa a 96-97 in long.
    but overall -i think skaters are holding back to peak at olympics

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    I actually enjoyed this competition...

    Ladies: Love Miki and love this program. She's just so much fun to watch! Congrats on your gold - to match that dress of course!

    Great job by Ashley - my only complaint with her is that she has a tendency to look like she's play acting at being a figure skater... like Buffy's little sister in Ice Princess. It's weird and hard to explain because while her joy is very evident - the character development piece looks forced. I don't know... I might just need coffee...

    Alyssa... what can I say? I keep waiting for her to stop competiting and start doing artistic coaching to assist the newbies with their finishing and expression. Ashley should sign up first. But I do love to watch her spin...

    Dance: Loved Davis & White. I hate the Phantom of the Opera and loved this program so much that I just pretended it was Les Miz for the first two minutes so I could just enjoy the skating... US Nationals will be interesting. I doubt they will overtake B/A but ice dance will be finally be interesting again...

    Men: SInce my idea of classical music IS Jimi Hendrix - I can't get enough of Taka's short! So awesome!

    Johnny - sorry for him, espcially since he seems to have lost his zazazu on the ice - but hopefully his interview is true and he will take that anger and make it hot for nationals. I would hate to see him off the podium at Nationals and miss another shot at an olympic medal.

    Plushy - what can I say? I love this guy. I love his swag. I love his jumps. Heck, I even love his haircut... he's PLUSHY!!! And the I'm #1 thing... LOVED IT!!! Give him a break - he's been gone for three years, probably wasn't sure how the skate would go and hit the ice like he'd never left. In front of the hometown. That's hot. Was the skate perfect? No. Did his choreo move me? No. But did he remind the world that he's the king? YES!

    And who are we kidding? He is number 1...(sorry Brian... but Plushy's back and you need to work harder...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kwanford Wife View Post
    Great job by Ashley - my only complaint with her is that she has a tendency to look like she's play acting at being a figure skater... like Buffy's little sister in Ice Princess. It's weird and hard to explain because while her joy is very evident - the character development piece looks forced.
    I really really understand this cause i had the very same feeling, while she was very pleasant to watch, during her lp that I remember mostly she looked like everything from smile to fingertips were according to schedule. I could never express it better like you did!How old is she?Maybe she will let herself more free as time pass.

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    I mentioned something about this on another thread and realize that this is the place for it, because it deals with skaters from several disciplines. Last week I found a 2006 issue of Blades on Ice Magazine at home. It covered that year's Worlds and Junior Worlds. Worlds is a bit painful to look back at, because the gold medalist is Kimmie, and I feel sad that she's so completely out of the picture right now.

    The Junior Worlds ice dance podium had Virtue/Moir at the top and Davis/White in bronze position. It's safe to say that they've fulfilled their early promise! The Ladies' podium had YuNa at the top and Mao in silver position, an exact switch from the year before, I believe. The thing that struck me most strongly was that the Dance and Ladies' rankings have been pretty consistently filled by these same skaters for awhile now (along with others, of course). None of them is a flash in the pan. To me, that's kind of reassuring. It means that people stay around long enough to grow as technicians, performers, and artists.

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