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Thread: Ladies SP 5:05AM EST

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    But why him? I know I'm missing something..

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    Quote Originally Posted by SerpentineSteps View Post
    Replace it with this, the true Olympic Gold Medalist for the ladies' competition:
    Have you noticed that he's not a lady?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MissIzzy View Post
    Tweet from Ashley Wagner:chorus::

    Short wasn't too bad, it wasn't my best though..I cheated a double axel! lol That is SO hard to do, so in a way I'm proud of myself :P

    Ashley is great.

    Also, I'll have to re-watch that Axel. I didn't notice a problem.

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    From the PBP I suppose Sarah Meier did not too bad, but looking at her score I'm like WTH happened.. that's the second lowest TES for ladies so I wonder what happened. I guess I'll need to watch her SP (and wait for protocols). Hope she can bring her best in LP!

    Anyway, Ashley in first is a pleasant surprise.

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