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    News Skate America Preview

    The ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating continues this week in Lake Placid, USA, for the fifth installment of competition known as the Skate America.


    Your thoughts?

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    So our intrepid scribe lists Sasha tenth, if she appears at all, ahead of only Sara Hecken (Sara beat Rachael Flatt in a junior grand prix event a couple of years ago) and crowd favorite Tugba Karademir.

    Actually, there are several ladies in the bottom half that could surprise is, like Gebova and Getevanishvilli.
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    I am so excited. I feel like it is nationals already

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    Oh, goody, Tugba will be there! I always love watching her. And Gedevanishvili.

    And Sasha, I hope!

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    For me, there is only 3 skaters that make it worth while travelling to Lake Placid: Another look at YuNa, the appearance of Sasha, and Rachael doing a better jazz number than what she did at TEB.

    YuNa will win or else it is the biggest upset in the history of figure skating.

    Sasha to see what Rafael has done for her. Is it too late?

    Rachael as above. Why did she decide on tricky jazz music for the SP? It's so much easier to jump to the Thais Interlude.

    Don't see much else here, but I'll watch on EST.

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    I know people are all cynical but I just can't help it: I really hope Sasha shows up. Who knows how her jumps are but judging from her recent shows, her spirals and lines are STILL the best in the business. Maybe not quite as good as they were for her in '06 but still better than anyone else in '09. It'll be worth it just for that.

    Ryan Bradley ... the Alissa Czisny of men's figure skating. Here's hoping he finally has his Paul Wylie moment. Go Ryan!!! You CAN do it. You know you can.

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    13th Nov. (Fri) is Xue Shen's birthday,,,,,,

    wish her happy birthday, and get a new short program PB on that day...

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