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Thread: Gordeeva and Beroev!!!

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    Gordeeva and Beroev!!!

    Hi, I've seen on you tube many montage on their skating and I was wondering if Katia is skating pairs again or is it a show like here in Canada, Battle of the blades... I never heard of Beroev, who is that guy ?? Can someone feed me a little bit about him and how they came about skating together, they have a good chemestry together... so just to know. thanks

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    Egor Beroev was her partner on Ice Age- a Skating with Celebrities type show in Russia. He is an actor and his wife, Ksenia (also an actress, I believe) was also on this show as a celebrity. The programs were done very creatively and he did a good job. They eventually won the trophy.

    They did a program to "Vocalise" which Katia had also used with Sergei that was very moving; it seemed to be a tribute to Sergei. It was as if Sergei had visited her briefly in a dream though I don't think it was ever explained directly in this fashion.

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