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Thread: Sizzling/Drizzling Lessons & Practices, 4/28 - 5/4

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    Cinderella On Ice

    Sizzling/Drizzling Lessons & Practices, 4/28 - 5/4

    Whoah, it has been way too quiet on this board this past week. It's time for everyone to 'fess up about what they've been doing on the ice. Tell us about your great (sizzling) and not-so-great (drizzling) ice time.

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    Cinderella On Ice

    Re: Sizzling/Drizzling Lessons & Practices, 4/28 - 5/4

    Drizzling: Our company has a big trade show coming up which is leaving me far too little time for myself, let alone to get out on the ice. I'm starting to work on my attitude spin, and boy do I ever suck at it! :x

    Sizzling: My lesson today was the best I've had in a year! Everything was just "on," from my camel/sit/back sit to my flying camel, to my camel/back camel, to my axels, to my split jump. My coach was just ecstatic, as she's had some "drizzling" lessons with some of her other students this week. It really pumped me up and made me feel like a "real skater."

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    Re: Sizzling/Drizzling Lessons & Practices, 4/28 - 5/4

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    Re: Sizzling/Drizzling Lessons & Practices, 4/28 - 5/4

    Drizzling: I had a real problem with mohawks today. But I was off the ice for two weeks, so who care.

    Sizzling: Got new skates. Jackson Freestyles from my Jackson Artistes. What a jump THAT is gonna be. I'll probably try them on tomorrow or Monday. On another note, it's still sizzling and skating related, I'm also going to see Scott Hamilton at the Oxnard rink on Saturday night and am gonna bring my old skates, see if he'll sign them. :D

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    Cinderella On Ice

    Re: Sizzling/Drizzling Lessons & Practices, 4/28 - 5/4

    Lanechka - oh how totally cool! Will he be skating? Doing a clinic? Just hanging around? And congrats on the new skates! I'm going this weekend to get some advice. I may stick with SP-Teris, as that's what I've always used, but I want to see what's new in the world of skating. My skates are circa 1978 and look like they belong in the Smithsonian! But they're great custom skates with MK Gold Star blades, so they're nothing to sneeze at. Just silly looking.

    Starshinexavier - what's the scoop on your message? Was it a picture of something? Why did it go away?

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    Re: Sizzling/Drizzling Lessons & Practices, 4/28 - 5/4

    My post wasn't a pic or anything. I had copied and pasted it from another message boards. Here's the jist of what it said....

    Sizzling: -Had a blast doing Sr. Bronze skills for the first time since I passed them in 1997
    -I remembered my solo after not doing it for 1.5 months
    -Did nice axels, 2 sals and 2 loops on the first session
    -Good run through of my interpretive complete with some killer facial expressions
    -Found a mentor coach when I start Phase 2 of Level 1 Technical
    -I skate with boys!!!! There aren't any at my home club, and I LOVE skating with boys. One of them is pretty cute too.

    Drizzling:-Could not spin at all
    -Could not jump at all on my 2nd session
    -Too many people on the 2nd session. Very crowded and made for bad jumping
    -Forward outside and forward inside loops. I hate them!!! We get to do backwards ones next week.
    -Almost died after doing an awesome run through of my interpretive. 2 mins and 45 seconds of full out skating isn't fun

    Cinderella darling, you're AWESOME!!! You're my hero! Keep up the awesomeness!!!

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    Cinderella On Ice

    Re: Sizzling/Drizzling Lessons & Practices, 4/28 - 5/4

    Starshinexavier - you're toooo kind, but I'm eating it up! But look at you go--not only did you nail the doubles, remember the program, and slam the interpretive, but you had <strong>killer facial expressions!!!!!!</strong>. Gosh, you just cracked me up with that! Tell me about your music. If I knew, I forgot. And are these expressions patented? Tell me more, I must know!

    As for me, more Sizzling: I had another great practice. Landed 5 axels, and they all were good. Fell on one more, a big fabulous humongous fall that was hysterically funny. No harm done--bounced right back up. I'm working on my split jumps. You know how Michelle Kwan's are a perfect split (180 degrees) and Sasha's feet actually go higher than her own hips? Well I can't tell because I can't see them well in the glass, but it looks like maybe I'm about 25 degrees short so far. So I've got to work on my flexibility some more to get those babies up there. My coach said she'll give me some tips at the next lesson. I also started working on an attitude spin. Guess I don't got no 'tude at the moment, though the last one was not bad and actually was centered. Give me time, give me time. Any hints and tips are appreciated.

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    Re: Sizzling/Drizzling Lessons & Practices, 4/28 - 5/4

    Cinderella, my music is from Broadway Lion King. The program is called "The Stampede." The first part is the first 30 or so seconds of The Circle of Life Reprise. It's all pretty music, kinda like the calm before the storm. Very flowy with soft edges and gliding movements.

    The next 2 minutes and 15ish seconds are from a piece called The Stampede(1 guess where I got the title of the interpretive from ). It's really scary music, so I have tons of fun with it, even though I'm the one being chased. I get to look evil throughout the piece. TONS of footwork that's sharp and dynamic. It almost seems like I'm trying to escape the chasers(the hyena's). That's TONS of fun!

    The facial expressions aren't patented yet, but I'm working on that. On my spread eagle, I do what I call "the Jeff Buttle", and skate with my mouth wide open, like he does all the time. My coach loves that part. At the very end, I'm "killed" (think Scar and Mufasa on the cliff, right before Mufasa falls) and I fall to the ice in a dramatic way (my"Jesus on the cross" pose, to a back lunge with a "I've just been shot expression", then I crumble into a heap of Sarah on the ice).

    I'll have to get pics of me skating to it or something, so you can see them. It's soo much fun to skate to, and a lot of the time when I'm skating to it, people stop and watch.

    And you Cinderella, keep up you're awesome job at skating. I really admire adult skaters, and I think it's amazing that you're doing so well. I'm so happy that you liked my compliment. Keep that in mind when you're having bad days. Happy skating!!!

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    Cinderella On Ice

    Re: Sizzling/Drizzling Lessons & Practices, 4/28 - 5/4

    Starshinexavier - awesome! Just awesome! I really can picture your program. You've just GOT to get some pics for us to see. When is the next time you'll be performing it officially? Are you training for a competition or .... ??? Do you have a costume that goes with this number and can you describe it?

    Thanks again for the compliments. I am working really hard to regain my long-lost skating skills and to get to a point where someone would WANT to see me do an interpretive program! :lol: So far I feel like I am getting the elements back (the jumps and spins), but we have done no work whatsoever on the connecting moves and the showmanship. Sometimes I feel like a skating blob out there, though my husband tells me that anytime I "just skate" (as he calls it when I'm not working on moves in the field), he tells me that I look "just like" Kwan and the gang. Kind, kind hubby!

    I admire your ability to get through the whole program. We're just starting to put together my Adult Bronze program, and just the first 40 seconds makes me tired! It's not like the elements are hard--back scratch spin, some connecting footwork, flip jump, connecting footwork, walt jump/toe loop, crossovers, sit spin [that's as far as we've gotten]. I think I'm more "done in" by the excitement of "actually skating" than I am by the exertion itself.

    One thing I'm totally excited about is that I have good speed (for an adult). When I skate with "the kids," I can skate as fast as the fastest person out there. Lots of power. Just they're doing doubles and I'm doing singles (for now). :D When we're choreographing my program, my coach has to keep this in mind, because some of the things she wants me to do would greatly reduce my speed, which is kind of like reducing your best asset. So we'll see how the whole thing turns out.

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    Re: Sizzling/Drizzling Lessons & Practices, 4/28 - 5/4

    Right now, I'm just training my interpretive. I will be testing it mid-June. I hope to compete it in the upcoming season. My coach is bringing a judge in soon to evaluate my interpretive. I'm going to ask my mom to take pics of the program when the judge comes in.

    I have a dress. It's from synchro a few years ago. We also skated to Lion King, so it fits the music really well, since 2 of the pieces I'm using, the team used as well. Here's a link to a pic of the dress.
    <a href=" w=t&.done=http%3a//" target="_new">My dress</a>

    Cinderella, your program sounds amazing! Don't worry about not being able to get through it right now. As you practice, it will be easier to get through it. Next thing you know you can run through it twice without being tired! Keep up the great work!!! Happy skating!

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    Cinderella On Ice

    Re: Sizzling/Drizzling Lessons & Practices, 4/28 - 5/4

    Starshinexavier - Well, aren't you just elegant and fabulous! I LOVE the pics. Hope you don't mind that I looked at more than just the Lion King. But first, love that costume and can imagine it going wonderfully with the interpretive program you described. Was worried that it would be too "lion-y" somehow, but the lines are wonderful and will show off your moves to their best, plus that color is to die for on you. Gosh, you look like star quality in that!

    Second, just how cute are Grandpa and Grandma???!!! They just look so proud of you! Third, who are the cuties Jeff and Ken? Fourth, you look like you have a great time on the ice, something that is very important and don't think the judges aren't looking for that.

    Can I ask how tall you are? You look so long and lean in the photos. I bet it's a joy to watch you skate.

    Oh, and last, tell me more about the "Firecrackers." Just have to know what kind of program that was.

    See, aren't you sorry you started this? I just LOVE to see other folks' pictures. I hope your mom will take lots of The Stampede so we can get a better idea of your program.

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    Re: Sizzling/Drizzling Lessons & Practices, 4/28 - 5/4

    Cinderella, I'm glad you liked the pics! I don't mind that you looked at them, that's what they're there for! I just hope that that dress still fits me. I haven't worn it in a year or so. One thing you can't tell about the dress from the pics is the fact that it weighs about 5 pounds from all the beads and sequins. Just an interesting fact.

    Secondly, I'm glad you like the pic of me with my Gran and Grandpa. They love watching me skate so much. They don't get to often, but when they do, I always seem to skate better! :D

    Thirdly, the cuties you're talking about are Jeff Buttle, and Ben (not Ken) Ferreira. Jeff's #2 in Senior Men's in Canada, and 15th in the world, and Ben's #4 in Canada in Senior Mens. My friend's mom knows the lady that does Jeff's official site and asked my friend's mom if she wanted to come up to see Jeff and Co. skate, and I came with her armed with my camera and autograph book. Jeff's my absolute fav, so I thoroughly enjoyed watching him skate live and getting to meet him. He's short compared to me (about 5'8 ), but I slouched in my pic with him so we'd be the same height.

    Fourthly, I love skating so much. It's been part of my life for so long, and I couldn't imagine not being able to skate. A friend of mine has to hang her skates up after skating since she was about 4, and I could not imagine what she's going through emotionally right now.

    Fifthly, I'm 5'10, so I'm quite tall. That's probably where you get the long and lean from. Whenever I skate at a new place, I usually get "jeez, you're tall" at least twice. I'm taller than the boys I skate with too! <img src= ALT=":o">

    Sixthly, the fireworks was the kids from my group in my club's Learn to Skate program. They were my group in the carnival, and we had a lot of fun skating together. In the program, they did spirals, 1 foot spins, bunny hops, a pinwheel and a circle. They're just so cute too! Our carnival theme was Kaleidoscope, (months, seasons and holidays) and we were July. Probably for Canada Day/Independence Day.

    I'm not sorry I started this. I like sharing my pics with other people, just like you like looking at other people's pics. Keep it bookmarked, and I will update the album when I get more pics back from being developed.

    I've talked to my mom as well, and she's gonna try to be there to take pics of me when the judge comes. If not, I'll get my coach to do it. Anything to keep my "fans" happy!

    Happy Skating! Glad you liked the pics!

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    Cinderella On Ice

    Re: Sizzling/Drizzling Lessons & Practices, 4/28 - 5/4

    Starshinexavier - Wow, it's hard to believe that dress can weigh that much when it looks like gossamer. I hope it still fits, because it's lovely and would be perfect for your program.

    How silly of me not to know Jeff Buttle! <img src= ALT=":o"> I confess I'm more into skating myself than watching other skaters, so I'm often clueless when it comes to knowing who's who. :rolleyes: It's why I don't contribute very often on "The Edge" forum; half the time I don't even know who they're talking about. How cool that you got to meet him (and others); now that is really a thrill.

    I'm only 5'1", so of course girls with height intrigue me. It's great that you're so confident and use your height to form a nice line on the ice--you can see it in the pictures. Use what you've got, right??

    I'm very muscular, so I have to fight not to look like a little tank on the ice. :lol: Sometimes I think I look like a football player in tights. :rollin: But I am who I am, and who I am is someone who just LOVES to skate. Most of my friends think I'm absolutely nuts, but they're just jealous cuz they're such weenies and would never think to do something with so much exertion. So it makes me feel even better that I'm out there. I've found everyone at our rink to be incredibly nice and supportive, including the "young" girls who maybe would be acting like I'm just taking up space out there. Maybe it's the fact that I can at least land axels and I'm not so slow that I get in their way or anything. I'm as excited for them when they make breakthroughs in their progress as they are for me. It's really nice.

    Well, I'll stop blabbing at you. Looks like you and I are the only ones around this weekend! Oh, one more question. Tell me more about your training schedule, like how many times you skate a week, do yo do off-ice, ballet, Pilates, etc? I'm trying to figure out what would work best for me. Of course, when you're "old" you have to work more "recovery" time into your schedule!

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    Re: Sizzling/Drizzling Lessons & Practices, 4/28 - 5/4

    Cinderella dahling! It does seem like we're the only ones out there this weekend. Or everyone else is just reading our conversation. About my height, it comes in handy when doing camel spins, and field moves. My coach wished I did spirals, since she thinks if I was more flexible, they'd rival the top Senior ladies. Methinks she's exaggerating!

    About me meeting Jeff Buttle, I have a cute lil story about that. We were told before we went up that he might not be at the sessions we were going to watch, but we went anyways. We got there about a half hour before the session started. There was a little hallway that overlooked the arena, and me and my friends were in there looking at the skaters skating. Out of nowhere, my friend, Kristen, points down into the arena with a look on her face. We look down and see a guy in red pants walking towards the exit into the lobby. My other friend, Steph, then screamed "OMG!!!! THERE'S JEFF BUTTLE!!!!" We all started screaming like it was 1964 during Beatlemania. We all almost cried too! It was so overwhelming! My other friend, Jenna, tried to get into the arena seating and didn't quite know how to work the door and fell over. Jenna's mom was in the washroom when all of this was happening, and she knew that he was there after hearing our screams. So, yes, this is my crazy fan story, and those red pants he wore, WOW! They were hot! (Refer to pics again to see those pants ) He's a total sweetheart too, and I was totally heartbroken after his LP at worlds.

    Getting back on topic.........I think that's great that you're out there on the ice, even though you don't have a typical skater's figure. Join the club! I look like I should be the man half of a pairs team. He he he! The love of the sport is all that matters. I think you're friends are jealous that they're not talented skaters like us! :D

    Right now, I skate twice a week. Mondays for an hour and a half and Tuesdays for an hour and 15 mins. On Mondays, I do 15 mins of skills, 15 mins of dance, 45 mins of freeskate and 15 mins of stroking in that order. On Tuesdays, I do 15 mins of spins, 45 mins of stroking and 15 mins of stroking. It's nice to have a mix of different things to work on. Before the sessions, I try to go for a lil jog to get my knees warmed up. I stretch out my knees as well. No dance (I HATE ballet) or pilates for me, although I'd like to try pilates. I have Osgood Schlatters Syndrome in both of my kneess. It's a form of tendonitis, and it affects the tendon that wraps around the front of my knees. If I don't warm up, my knees get really stiff after about 30 mins of skating. I take Celebrex to stop inflammation, and it works well. I also have shin splints from doing track in my youth. I'm broken and I still skate!

    I'd probably recommend 15-30 mins of aerobics of some sorts before skating. I did that for a few years when I did synchro, and it really helped get warmed up before you skate. No need for on-ice stretching after doing aerobics, since you get everything warmed up during the aerobics. Talk to your coach about off ice training and see what he/she says.

    I think I'll stop blabbing at you now! I'm really enjoying talking to you and I wanted you to know that! So until next time, Happy Skating!

    P.S. you can call me Starshine or Sari if you want, both work.

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