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Thread: Charlene von Saher - 4 Olympic seasons later!

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    Charlene von Saher - 4 Olympic seasons later!

    I absolutely used to adore former British champion Charlene von Saher. She represented Great Britain at the 1994 Winter Olympics, was completely ROBBED in the short program and went on to a professional career skating in shows in England and competing in events such as the Miko Masters in France, and the Ladies Professional Championships and U.S. Professional Championships in the U.S. I just stumbled upon this site of a charity event being organized by Charlene and her mother Marei:

    Check out this picture:

    For those of you not familiar with Charlene, here's an old (1994) article about her from the New York Times:

    Girl is looking GOOD!

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    ^ Mom is a lovely lady, too!

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    Oh my goodness i was sat next to the pair of them at British Nationals this year and had no idea who they were!! They were really warm and friendly. Now i'm hoping i didn't say anything too stupid about the skating


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    Search further on their names and you will find some fascinating articles about an international legal battle they waged and won over the past decade. It involves artwork.

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