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Thread: Fleur Maxwell

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    Fleur Maxwell

    I know that she is not that well known to North Americans, but I thought I'd start a thread to the very beautiful and talented Fleur Maxwell of Luxembourg. Here are two links to her performances, as well as two links to photos: Aren't those eyes just lovely?
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    She was a charmer, and a fixture at Europeans for almost a decade.

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    Fleur is lovely. I watched her skating at the 2006 Olympics and I was impressed.
    I just looked up her Wikipedia page, and I found out she has a minor planet named after her. How cool is that!

    As for her career, I think she did a tryout for pairs at some point, but she didn't like it. It's a shame, because she could have made such an elegant partner.

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    Wow! Can't believe that with all the years she has been competing, that Fleur is only getting a Fan Fest now.

    Out of couriosity, I did a search on Google for Golden Skate threads dedicated to Fleur. And I was shocked to find that:

    1. there were only 5 very short threads.
    2. the most recent of them was from 2008!!!

    Here are the other threads:

    January 2005 (Fan Page)
    March 2005 (Worlds)
    January 2007 (Europeans)
    October 2007 (Asking for news)
    August 2008 (Asking for news)

    I have always thought Fleur was a beautiful skater. Consequently, it has always puzzled me why nobody seemed to rate her.

    So, it is good to see that there are some people out there that also appreciate her.

    True, her results have not been spectacular compared to other skaters. But, bearing in mind she had retired from singles skating for a whole quad (2006 - 2010), I think she has been doing very well.

    This season in particular has been impressive. She was in the top 10 in all the Senior B's she competed in, which included 2 Silver medals, and her first Senior level Gold. And she achieved her best result in Europeans since she made her debut back in 2005.

    Given that Fleur is clearly on an upward curve, I just hope she does not decide to retire again in the next few years.

    Apart from the fact I like her, Fleur is the perfect example of why people from small countries where skating is not a mainstream sport should continue to follow their dream.


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