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Thread: Aliona Savchenko & Bruno Massot

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    Aliona Savchenko & Bruno Massot

    I didn't see a thread for them, so here we go!

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    While it's hard to be a "fan" before seeing them in competition, this partnership looks very promising. They do a good job of playing a story and integrating the difficult elements in. The one-handed lifts look phenomenal--long and effortless. They seem to have a bit of trouble with the throws and of course their movements aren't in perfect synch yet, but it's incredible they're already attempting those difficult elements. Best wishes to the both of them.

    And lol, the dress with the gigantic stars all over it. Never change, Aliona!

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    Kind of sad that there wasn't even a fan fest thread for Aliona & Robin. Anyway, I think Aliona and Bruno look surprisingly good together and I'm curious how they will actually fare in a real competition. I will miss Robin but I wish S/M all the best.

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    Just wanted to share some recent photos of Aljona, Bruno and Ingo that combine my 2 main sporting passions – motorbike racing and figure skating!

    The first photo is from Aljona and Bruno's Facebook Fan Page

    For those that do not follow bike racing, this photo was taken on the grid of the Moto3 race at the Sachsenring last weekend. Sitting on the bike in the background is Basque rider Efren Vazquez, who is riding the Racing Team Germany Honda.

    Racing Team Germany is based at the Sachsenring and is run by former 250GP rider Dirk Heidolf, who is actually from Hohenstein. So, it is a proper Saxony operation through and through... Just like Ingo’s team!

    In the race, Vazquez finished 6th, one place ahead of his team-mate John McPhee (from Scotland). This was a great result for the team, as both riders were a lot further down the grid than usual (Vazquez in 17th, McPhee in 28th) after rain effectively brought a premature end to qualifying on Saturday.

    But, despite this great recovery, I am sure Efren would have been disappointed that he was as far as 25 seconds behind the leading group. Vazquez is not a rider that is used to battling with the 2nd Division – he is normally up with the leaders in the Premier League.

    RTG also posted this photo on their own Fan Page on Facebook, along with a whole album of photos of Aljona, Bruno and Ingo:

    Hope you like them


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    If these pair competes at the Olympics 2018, Aljona would be the first figure skater ever to take place in 5 Olympic Games (with 3 different partners). And perhaps she will win her third olympic medal (like shen/zhao and plushenko).

    they did not have enough money to pay Ingo Steuer, but nevertheless i expect them to try huch lifts an especially great throws. perhaps 3ATh, 4Tw, 4STh, 4FTh, (4ATh)

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    does anybody know something new about this couple? I've not heard about them in a lot of time... what are they doing? What happened with Ingo?

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