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Thread: Which Skaters/Teams Get the Second Ticket To The Olympics?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamuraiKike View Post
    Men and Ladies has basically come down to whoever skates best (or doesn't melt as badly as the others) at nationals. All the contenders are kinda tied at the moment and unfortunately not in a good way, they've all struggled during the season. Maybe because of the pressure of being in your homecountry olympics. If I have to predict I'll say Reynolds in Men and Lacoste in ladies.

    Pairs and Ice Dance is the total opposite. Two big and exciting battles : L/H vs D/B and W/P vs C/P. My heart is hoping for Annabelle and Cody to end their careers on a high note and WeaverPoje since this is likely their one and only chance. Crone Poirier will be a major force for the next quadrennial.
    You almost spoke my mind, but I think Cynthia still has the edge if she is able to land one of her 3lz or 3F.

    I'd like to see more the renewed Kevin too

    Annabelle and Cody are more refined and finally bring out the chemistry within It's unfortunate for Meagan's injury, it must be quite emotional for her.

    For dance, I am torned between WP and CP, I love them both. I once said that WP are the most good looking couple in the present dance world, having the presence on ice. CP is a breeze of fresh air, technically strong and always innovative. However, I am leaning towards WP this term and absolutely agree CP will be a major force for 2014.

    P.S. Here's the result for the Buzz Vote on as of Jan 10th, 2010.
    Who will earn the spots to the Olympics?
    Kevin Reynolds 30.25%
    Shawn Sawyer 13.88%
    Jeremy Ten 13.17%
    Vaughn Chipeur 3.91%
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    Here is my prediction

    Mens : Patrick Chan
    Shawn Sawyer

    Ladies : Joannie Rochette
    Mira Leung

    Pairs : Dubé / Davison
    Duhamel / Buntin

    Dance : Virtue / Moir
    Weaver / Poje

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    One skater who hasn't been mentioned is Joey Russell- he's very much a long shot of course but he at least thinks he has a chance

    As he says in the article, if he skates 2 clean programmes- with a triple axel in each - he'll certainly put some pressure on the other contenders as he has good skating skills, choreography, and presents his programmes well. Still, it's one thing to land the 3-axel consistently in practice and quite another to do it in competition (just ask Shawn Sawyer), especially a competition with so much riding on it.

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    I'm just hoping that Joey places top 5 so he can get 4cc and some Sr. internationals next season. I love his skating and want him to stay around for awhile longer.

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    Patrick and Shawn


    Joannie and Cynthia


    Jess and Bryce
    Toss up between Megan and Craig and Annabelle and Cody. Will be happy w/either one, but slightly more happy for Megan and Craig since she's from the same area as I am and have been watching her skate for a very long time. So, bit of a bias there, but an understandable one IMO.


    Tessa and Scott
    Kaitlyn and Andrew ~ As much as I adore Vanessa and Paul's skating, I don't think their OD is helping them. The FD to me is completely different and has given me a constant case of chills whenever I've seen it, however one program does not a competition make. I think Kaitlyn and Andrew have the stronger OD and have the best of out of all the POTO programs this season. Especially love that they're using the Music Box version of Masquerade in their FD, as I've been wanting and waiting for someone or some team to use that in a POTO program for a very, very long time now and it's used beautifully by Kaitlyn and Andrew.

    Regardless, this weekend's going to be an awful lot of fun!!

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    The Men's event will be interesting. Patrick Chan, I hear is skating well and so is Vaughn Chipeur. It is unfortunate that injuries held both athletes from skating well at their Grand Prix events..Good luck to all. My bets are on Patrick and Vaughn for the 2 spots.

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