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    News Russian Nats articles

    Anna is covering the Russian Nats for GS. Enjoy the articles as they come!

    [COLOR=#0066cc][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#0066cc][COLOR=#000000]• [/COLOR][URL=""]Kavaguti and Smirnov win third consecutive national title[/URL]
    [COLOR=#000000]• [/COLOR][URL=""]Plushenko takes back title after 4-year hiatus[/URL]
    [COLOR=#000000]• [/COLOR][URL=""]Domnina and Shabalin win third national title[/URL]
    [COLOR=#000000]• [/COLOR][URL=""]Kavaguti and Smirnov prevail after Short Program[/URL]
    [COLOR=#000000]• [/COLOR][URL=""]Domnina and Shabalin maintain easy lead after Original Dance[/URL]
    [COLOR=#000000]• [/COLOR][URL=""]Ksenia Makarova crowned new Russian Champion[/URL]
    [COLOR=#000000]• [/COLOR][URL=""]Plushenko takes first in Men's Short at Russian Nationals[/URL]
    [COLOR=#000000]• [/COLOR][URL=""]Sofya Biryukova first after Short Progam at Russian Nationals[/URL]
    [COLOR=#000000]• [/COLOR][URL=""]Domnina and Shabalin lead after Compulsory Dance at Russian Nationals[/URL][/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]
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    any news about the russian junior nationals?Does anybody know when the competition will be held ?

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