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Thread: Who do you think will skip Worlds after the Olympics?

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    Thanks for the link.

    Must have just gone up over the last day. Last time I went to the ISU site a couple days ago there wasn't a link up for the entries.

    Looks like Ryan Bradley is still scheduled to go, along with Adam Rippon.

    Brian Joubert is still listed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan O View Post
    How do we know Bradley is going?

    His Twitter messages are ambiguous.
    If they are ambiguous, they should not be interpreted and twisted in a way that generates all kind of speculations. It is a waste of time of everyone here, to read about an imaginary injury.
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    Posted a few hours ago on Bradley's twitter:

    I will see you all in Turin
    So, he's definitely going. As for whether he hurt himself at some point.... I see no one posted this from a few days ago:

    The moment they tell you that you can't do something, go do it.
    Can anyone think of a scenario (that makes sense given who he is) that wouldn't involve an injury? I think it's pretty clear he got injured.

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    Yay Ryan!! I heard on that he broke a bone in his toe.

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