View Poll Results: Who is your favourite mens Olympic Gold Medallist?

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  • Evgeni Plushenko

    11 8.59%
  • Alexei Yagudin

    74 57.81%
  • Ilia Kulik

    10 7.81%
  • Alexei Urmanov

    3 2.34%
  • Viktor Petrenko

    2 1.56%
  • Brian Boitano

    11 8.59%
  • Scott Hamilton

    6 4.69%
  • Robin Cousins

    2 1.56%
  • John Curry

    7 5.47%
  • Other (Please Specify)

    2 1.56%
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Thread: Favourite Mens Olympic Gold Medallist

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    Former figure skater and HUGE figure skating fan. n_halifax's Avatar
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    Favourite Mens Olympic Gold Medallist

    Who is your favourite mens Olympic Gold Medallist? If you pick other, please specify.

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    Wicked Yankee Girl dorispulaski's Avatar
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    I picked Boitano, but I probably should have picked other: Button.

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    I have faith in the swan futureidol's Avatar
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    How can I chose between Brian and Alexei?! Brian was my favorite from my childhood, Alexei was my favorite in high school... I went with Yagudin, because I was only 5 when Boitano won and the sport has evolved so much since then. Yagudin was the master of competitive skating.

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    and... World Peace! Tonichelle's Avatar
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    wow a poll where I don't have to feel guilty choosing! ha ha! Scott Hamilton all the way for me. he's the reason I fell in love with the sport and stuck with it after my aunt (and skating buddy) passed away... he's an inspiration on and off the ice and a fantastic ambassador for the sport (and cancer research). Met him in 2008, his youngest has the same birthday as me (but different years, of course)... yup... Scotty.

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    On the Ice Sus's Avatar
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    For me, Kulik hands down, even with that awful costume he wore.

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    she takes the audience on her journey of emotions Layfan's Avatar
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    I had much less trouble choosing this time than for the women. Alexei!! Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant. Kulik and Botaino are probably tied for second for me. Kulik for his exquisite skating and Botaino for the momentousness of his victory.

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