The senior ladies short program will be the first event of the day. Starting order is:

1 McKenzie Crawford WO
2 Dallas Daniel AB/NT/NU
3 Daniela-Bella Favot WO
4 Kristy Bell WO
5 Adriana DeSanctis CO
6 Mira Leung BC/YT
7 Alexandra Najarro CO
8 Vanessa Grenier QC
9 Izabel Valiquette QC
10 Rylie McCulloch-Casarsa WO
11 Vanessa Sauriol QC
12 Erin Scherrer WO
13 Kate Charbonneau MB
14 Myriane Samson QC
15 Diane Szmiett WO
16 Amélie Lacoste QC
17 Cynthia Phaneuf QC
18 Joannie Rochette QC

Post any information and results in this thread and feel free to discuss as well!